4. Troubleshooting

My shipment is created without any tracking number

This issue can be caused by many situations

  • Check that UPS Shipment for Magento and UPS shipping method configurations are OK
  • Check that UPS shipping method currently selected for your order is available for use between shipper’s country and receiver country. Correspondances for UPS shipping methods can be found on this page

I can’t print UPS label for my shipment

Check that there is not another extension that already overloads packing slips PDF printings.


Magento Extension Conflict could help resolve conflicts.

I use Embedded ERP for Magento but I can no longer generate shipments

As UPS Shipments for Magento is not yet compatible with ERP, we recommend you to disable shipments generation within it by setting the following option to “No”

System > Configuration > ERP - Order preparation > Create shipment and invoices Options tab > Create shipments

SOAP-ERROR: Encoding: object has no ‘Code’ property”

This error happens when the shipment request doesnt include a service code : services codes are “standard”, “ground”, “next day air...” : this may differ depending of your country and UPS settings.

Most of the time, that error happens when parameter

System > Configuration > UPS Shipment > General > UPS default method to force shipments with

is not set.

4.1 Errors Messages from UPS API

Invalid Access License number: Need to make sure the order is not shipping UPS Freight and this is determined by the Ship To Country.

Failure:Missing or invalid Shipper country code: The Order Header ship from or the Facility address does not contain a Country Code.

Failure:Missing or invalid shipper StateProvinceCode: The Order Header ship from or the Facility address does not contain a Ship From State Province.

Failure:Missing/Invalid Shipper PostalCode. Postal Code is required. Please use the Format ##### or ######### Where # represents a single number: The Order Header ship from or the Facility address does not contain a Ship From Postal Code.

Failure:Missing or invalid Shipper AttentionName: The Order Header ship from or the Facility address does not contain a Ship From Attention.

Missing or Invalid Payer Country Code: Freight Bill to Country is not valid or missing.

Failure:Invalid Package Reference Value: Make sure the reference numbers that print on the UPS label are the correct length. If the container contains more than one item, it could be trying to print all items on the label, which it can’t. Contact support. Or the LPN’s contain a invalid character like a semicolon.

Missing or Invalid Shipper Phone Number: VERBAL_CONFIRMATION_PHONE_NUMBER is null.

Cannot find printer for user support report ShippingDocuments: Make sure the user has a printer assignment with a report name of ShippingDocuments.

InvoiceLineTotal MonetaryValue must be greater than 0: Must have a dollar value for Unit Price on the item.

Invalid or missing product origin country code for product number xx: Must populate Origin Country on item.

Missing or invalid ship to state province code: Must populate ship to Ship to State Province field on shipment.

Missing or invalid ship to company name.: Ship To Attention and Ship To Name cannot be longer than 30 characters.

Missing or invalid shipper phone number: Must populate ship from phone number on shipment.

Scanned package not belonging to same trip: Shipping service configuration does not match trip’s freight type.

Invalid combination of city, state, and/or zip: Verify the weight is being passed correctly.

Failure:Missing or invalid shipper number: The UPS account number could be expired or not valid. Or the account number being passed to UPS in the shipping processes is incorrect. Deposco Support will be able to help determine what account number is being sent to UPS.

Failure: The first email address used for quantum view notification-Ship Notification is missing or contains invalid c...: The context object parameter table needs to contain the email in which Deposco support will need to adjust. The email addresses need to be populated in order to send the email on the trading partner.

Missing or invalid ship from company name: The context object parameter table will define where the value is being pulled from. Once found, then either update the context or update the data(e.g. Facility).

Invalid or missing sold to attention name. Valid value is 1 to 35 alphanumeric: The Ship To Attention Field is not populated on the shipment, a special character is existing, or there are too many characters in the field.

Failure: a single billing option is required per shipment: The Freight Terms Type is not populated on the order.

A payer is required when specifying a shipment charge.: The Freight Terms Type is not populated on the order.

Failure: The maximum per package weight for the selected service from the selected country is 150.00 pounds.: UPS Ground has a weight limit of 150 lbs per package for any packages that are shipped within the US.

The XML document is well formed but the document is not valid: This is generally a UPS ground error. This occurs when the Freight Terms Type does not match with the Ship Via. For UPS Ground, the freight terms type should be either Prepaid or Collect. Or if its Third Party, make sure Bill To Postal Code, Freight Bill To Account, and Freight Bill To County are populated.

Invalid product description for product number 1. Product description should be present at least once. Valid range is 0 to 35 alphanumeric: Make sure the items product code/name is populated with data.

Invalid or missing product origin country code for product number 1: Make sure the items origin country is populated.

Missing or invalid service code: Make sure the shipping service ship method code is correct or existing.

The requested service is invalid for the shipment origin: Make sure the order is being shipped from is valid to ship to destination.

The requested service is unavailable between the selected locations: Make sure the order is being shipped from is a valid address to ship to the destination address with the selected shipping method.

Missing/Invalid PostalCode of payment account: This occurs if a user is trying to ship UPS using a Freight Terms Type of Collect. Double check the account number and associated postal code. If the problem persists, then contact the owner of the UPS Account and find out the address they have on file with UPS. If the error still persists, then their UPS account rep should be contacted to ensure that the account is enabled to allow for 3rd party and recipient billing.

The format of the first Email Address entered for Quantum View Notification - Ship Notification is invalid: This occurs because there is a invalid Contact email on trading partner.

Package/ReferenceNumber is not allowed for this shipment.: Package and shipment reference text is only allowed for shipments within the USA and within Puerto Rico. If it happend please set the option System > Configuration > Sales > UPS Shipment > package settings > Add shipment reference : NO

4.2 Standard UPS code

1DM Next Day Air Early AM
1DML Next Day Air Early AM Letter
1DA Next Day Air
1DAL Next Day Air Letter
1DAPI Next Day Air Intra (Puerto Rico)
1DP Next Day Air Saver
1DPL Next Day Air Saver Letter
2DM 2nd Day Air AM
2DML 2nd Day Air AM Letter
2DA 2nd Day Air
2DAL 2nd Day Air Letter
3DS 3 Day Select
GND Ground
GNDCOM Ground Commercial
GNDRES Ground Residential
STD Canada Standard
XPR Worldwide Express
WXS Worldwide Express Saver
XPRL Worldwide Express Letter
XDM Worldwide Express Plus
XDML Worldwide Express Plus Letter
XPD Worldwide Expedited