3. Usage

3.1. Generating your packages

 Once your order is created (by a client on front or by an admin), select it in back office by going in

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Sales > Orders > Your order

Follow the steps you are used to when validating and invoicing an order

Then, click on the “Ship” button on top right corner of the screen

You are now in the shipment’s creation screen.

Informations about UPS shipment must be filled in the “UPS Shipment” box.


In this box, fill in all the informations needed and then, click on “Add all products” to add the products to the shipment’s package.

If you have chosen to force the current shipping method with an UPS one, you will be asked to select it here or use the default one.


Notice : Check that the UPS methods that you want to use is available between shipment’s origin country and destination

Once your shipment is created, it should be provided with a UPS tracking number and label.

3.2. Printing documents

Once your shipment is created you are now able to print specific documents to UPS. Go to

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Sales > Shipments > Your shipment

In the “Shipping and tracking information” box, you should see the tracking number of your shipment

To print UPS documents, you can use the buttons on top right corner of the screen. Use “Print” to print shipment’s packing slip, or “Print UPS label” to print only the shipping label