2. Installation


Before files upload, ENABLE MAGENTO CACHES  : this will prevent Magento to try to install extension before all files are uploaded.

Also, if you have any :

  • APC cache
  • Redis cache
  • Memcache
  • Activated the Compilation of Magento

> Please disable them


Download the last release (actually 1.1.8) from your BoostMyShop account.


Note : it is strongly recommended to install that new extension on a staging  (pre-prod) server first, so that any potential error can be solved.

The installation process is very simple :

  • Enable Magento caches
  • Unzip Ultimate report module then upload his content (folders /app + /skin + /js + /lib) into your magento server
  • Refresh the Magento cache


Drag and Drop the folders from the left tab to the right tab (your remote root site location)


You just need to upload this file structure to your server on the same file structure provided by Magento.

No code file will be erase : All the code files will be available into /app/code/community/MDN


  1. If you have made customization of the extension, before to upload files make sure :
  • To identify and save the customization  (in app/code/community or app/code/local)
  • To apply these customization to the new version, to be careful whit this, it is advised to realize this with your developer in order to adapt the code properly.
  • Then follow the same process like Installation part of this documentation.
  1. In case you never made any customizations please just follow the installation process.