4. How to use

Create a supplier return

To create a new “Supplier Return”, go in Embedded ERP > Supplier Returns.


Then, at the top right corner, click on Create new return.


You will be redirected to this new screen where you can :

If you have not any supplier created yet in your ERP :

  • There is no supplier configured : clicking on create a new supplier first

By clicking on create a new supplier first you will be redirected on the supplier creation page, once created you have to go back in Embedded ERP > Supplier Returns and click on create a new “Supplier Return” again.

If you have supplier(s) :

  • Please select the supplier for this new supplier return: using the drop-down list

Once you click on Continue, you need to fill some informations, the reference field is mandatory :


Once you click on Save the “supplier return” will be created.

You are now able to edit it from the new screen displayed.

Edit a supplier return

To edit a supplier return, go in Embedded ERP > Supplier Returns, then select a “Supplier Return”.

Sections short description :

General section


Item Information

Supplier Name of the supplier
Created at Date of the supplier return creation
Reference For example, fill the Purchase Order number to easily know for which PO you did the return
Status Set on “Draft” by default. 3 others available statuses : To prepare, Shipped & Canceled
Warehouse Warehouse from where products stock will be decreased
Store Only used for the Supplier Notification

Details about the ‘Store’ option :

It is only used for the Supplier Notification, it depends of informations defined by store view in the configuration, below the elements which are affected :

**From Stores > Configuration > Boostmyshop > Procurement > Supplier Return

  • Email template for supplier return notification
  • Email Sender for supplier return notification

**From Stores > Configuration > General > General > Store Information :

  • Store Name


Shipped at Date of supplier return shipment
Shipping method Shipping method used
Tracking number Tracking number linked to the supplier return shipment


Payment date Date of supplier return payment
Payment method Payment method used
Payment Status Current status of the supplier return payment

Products section

Here are retrieved all products added to the current supplier return.

You can add there, for each product:

  • Qty to return
  • Personal note

Add Products section

This section allow you to add products to the current supplier return.

Add your products to the supplier return, then click on Save.

Manage a supplier return


To ship a supplier return, click on the Ship button at the top right corner.

Once the supplier return is shipped, its status will change to ‘Shipped’, preventing to ship it again.

ERP will create necessary stock movement for this shipment :


and decrease product(s) stock regarding the warehouse defined in the supplier return Main information section :


Supplier notification

To notify a supplier, click on the Notify button at the top right corner.

It will send an email to the supplier, with the Supplier Return PDF attached to it.


To only print the Supplier Return PDF, click on the Print button at the top right corner.