2. Installation

1. Module installation


Before uploading the module files, please make sure that magento cache is ENABLED

Once the cache is enabled, download Smart Price extension from your boostmyshop account, unzip file and upload files in your magento root directory :


Once every files are uploaded, go back in magento, go in menu System > Cache management, check all caches and select “Refresh all” mass action.

Once caches are refreshed, you should see a new “Smart price” menu :



Then, logout from Magento and login again

2. Basic configuration

Once extension is installed, you must first configure your Smart Price credentials


Note : if you get a “Access denied” error message, you must logout from Magento and login again

Once you are on the configuration page, fill your Smart Price credentials in the “Account” section :


Once your credentials are filled, click on the “Save config” button : if everything went ok, you should see the first step validated :


3. First catalog upload

The next step is to send the first catalog to the Smart Price server, to achieve that goal, 2 options are possible :

  • If you have a “small” catalog (less than 3000 products), from the configuration page, click no button “Export now” in the “Catalog export” section”
  • If you have a “large” catalog or experience timeout issue with the first option, you can export catalog with a shell command (to launch being in the magento root directory) :

php shell/bmsPerformanceCatalogExport.php

Once the first catalog is uploaded to Smart price server, the server will start to retrieve your products on the suscribed channels and then, start to monitor the offers.

Alternative method

 If you are not familiar with shell commands, you can also go in Smart Price > Configuration and click on the “Export now” button.:


Note : if you try to export a large catalog, this method may fail due to a timeout. In that case, you must export catalog using the command line method.

4. Fields Mapping

Once the first catalog is exported, you must indicate to Smart Price some specific fields.

To achieve that goal, go in Smart Price > Configuraiton, in the “Mapping section” :


Then, for each field, select the matching product information in the drop down menu.

Note : supplier and brand mapping are optionnals

5. Marketplace credentials

Smart Price can dramatically improve the product matching on Market Places if you configure the Marketplace credentials.The Marketplace Credentials can be configured in Smart Price > Configuration, using the “account” section :


Depending of the channels you suscribed to, several sections for credentials may be displayed.

Fill the credentials and save.

Retrieve credentials for Amazon

For amazon channels, you need to retrieve your MWS credentials: MWS mean M arketplace W eb S erviceIn order to create an Amazon account, go to the relevant path according to your country :

country link
USA https://developer.amazonservices.com
FR https://developer.amazonservices.fr
DE https://developer.amazonservices.de
ES https://developer.amazonservices.es
IT https://developer.amazonservices.it
EN https://developer.amazonservices.co.uk

If you have for instance a French seller account, then go to : https://developer.amazonservices.fr/


  Click on the inscription button, next you will be asked to put your amazon seller central credentials.


 In this screen, select the first radio button and click on next.You can see your MWS credentials in the displayed page.

Retrieve credentials for Cdiscount

You must configure the CDiscount API credentials.

If you dont know your cdiscount credentials, login on your Cdiscount backoffice (https://seller.cdiscount.com/) and go in menu “Your personnal settings and bank details” and at the very bottom, in section “Change your API connection settings”


Retrieve credentials for Price Minister

The credentials to use for Price Minister are the same as the one you use for the Price Minister merchant panel  : https://www.priceminister.com/connect?action=login&c=80