2. Installation

  • Download Shipworks for ERP from your customer account on boostmyshop
  • Enable Magento caches
  • Upload all files on the server
  • Refresh Magento caches
  • Logout from magento and login again

Configuration in shipworks

In Shipworks,select “Manage” tab, then click on the “Stores” button :


Then, click on the “Add store button”, and select “magento” platform.

Fill the required field :

  • Magento connection : Community or Enterprise
  • Username & password
  • Module url : www.yourwebsite.com/Shipworks.php (caution : S uppercase : Shipworks.php )
  • Store code : this is required if you have several stores on magento. If so, you have to repeat the whole process for each store. Store code can be found in magento admin panel, using menu System > Manage stores

Configuration in Magento

See also

System > Configuration > Shipworks

Configure the shipping method allowed to download in Shipworks (you can select all if you are not sure)

_images/242d313708b35407d3d36dc7d2a57781.png _images/99a5f225bcb3674a13a2fb37a841786c.png


Do not change require ssl and enable log settings, they are designed to be used by the support team