4. Admin Side

The RMA screens are available in several places :

  • Menu Sales > Manage returns
  • From the order view, tab “RMA”
  • From the customer view, tab “RMA”

Create a new RMA

To create a new Return, 2 options :

  • Go in sales > Manage returns, click on button “Create RMA for order” and in the next screen, select the order to return
  • Go in the order to return, select the “RMA” tab and click on button “Create order”

Manage RMA

Once you are in a RMA, you can manage RMA using the statuses :

  • Draft : you are creating the RMA, it is not visible for customer
  • Requested : customer sent a return request, it is pending admin approval
  • Accepted : you accepted the return, customer must print the return form (from its customer account or using the link into the email sent)
  • Processing : you received the products, you are going to process them
  • Complete : you have processed the RMA (you processed refunds)


Note : if you enabled option stores > configuration > boostmyshop > rma > customer notification > Automatic customer notification on RMA status change, the customer will receive an email each time the RMA status changes.

In the “Items” tab, you get the list of products associted to the RMA, you can edit the quantity to return, reason, request and comments.

The “History” tab lists every events related to the RMA, an entry is added when :

  • RMA status changes
  • Customer or admin is notified
  • A product is refunded OR returned in stock

Return form

You (and the customer) can print the download the return form : customer must print this document and put it with the products he returns.

You can control several areas in this pdf :

  • Logo : it is the one configured in stores > configuration > sales > sales > invoice and packing slip design > Logo for PDF print out
  • The return to address : configurable in stores > configuration > boostmyshop > rma > general > return address
  • Instructions : this is a free text displayed after the product list in the PDF. You can configure it in stores > configuration > boostmyshop > rma > general > instructions


You can exchange messages with the client using the “Messages” tab : from here you can send a new message : then a notification email is sent to customer and your message is added to the thread.

Customer can reply from its customer account.

Process RMA

This is the final step for a RMA. TO process a RMA, go within the RMA and click on the “Process” button.

Then a new screen is displayed where you can select the actions to performed :

  • For each product, you can decide the quantity to put back to stock, and the quantity to refund. Note : you can not refund a product if it has NOT been invoiced.
  • You can decide to refund shipping using the “Yes / No” drop down menu
  • Last, you can change the amount refunded using the adjustment textboxes : “Refund fee” and “Refund adjustment”

Every time you change a refund option, the Total refunded is updated at the bottom.

Once everything is done, you can click on button “Complete RMA” to perform the selected actions. Then the RMA status goes to “Complete” and the customer receives and email