6. FAQ

1. Configuration Page Error

When I go into the configuration page I get this error

“Wrong Content Type. app/code/core/Mage/Usa/Model/Shipping/Carrier/Dhl/International.php(397): Mage::throwException(‘Wrong Content T…’)”

You must save the shipping methods (maybe the payment too).

See also

Go into System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods

Save the page, and do the same for payment methods.

2. Invalid transactional Emails

“invalid transactional Emails …”

Did you configure the email section ?

See also

Go into System > Configuration > Sales > Product return > Email

Then fill all the template emails, save the page, the error will disappear.

3. How to change the default logo email

How to change the default logo email ?

you must change the default logo email for transactional email in /skin/frontend/default/default/images/logo_email.gif

look at :


4. How to change the frontend button

How to change the HTML for the RMA frontend request ?

All the frontend file are stored in : app/design/frontend**/base** /default /template/ProductReturn/


if you use a custom design template the path /base/default must be change.

To change the Request button on the RMA form edit file :  /NewRequest.phtml

Then apply your own CSS.

5. Product did not back in stock

RMA shows product returned to stock, but product is not in inventory?

1 - Did you create and use the “fake product” ?

Read section   2. Installation ( create fake product return) and section 3. Settings

2 - Did you proceed to an “exchange” with the same product ?

If yes this is normal, the stock movement will be +1 and then -1 for the same product.

3 - Did you choose action “return” ?

This action “return” means “send back the same item to the customer” (almost an exchange but not exactly the same).

The product won’t be back in stock as you selected “return” action. That is why the “destination” value is automatically switched to “customer”.

4 - Did you use our extension ERP ? If the answer is yes then :

   A) You use a single warehouse

           Check the assignments in ERP > Advanced Stock > Warehouse > [Warehouse] > Assignment

           Then tick all the boxes and save.

   B) You use multiple warehouses

           If you want the RMA back into a particular warehouse, tick the boxes “RMA” for the desired warehouse.

   C) You want to use a separated warehouse for RMA

          Create a new warehouse and tick the boxes as described in section 3. Settings

When making an exchange it did not retrieve the good qty ?!

This error appear when the fake product item has not being created/configured, look at section 2.installation to know more about it.

Then go back in the configuration page to set the field “fake product_id”, and save the page.

7. Stock level too low for reservation

When you try to reserve a product from the “Product reservation” tab, you can get an error message saying that the stock level is too low to reserve the product.

This message is displayed when the stock level in the warehouse for reservation is not sufficient.

1 - ERP is not installed on your server

You must increase the quantity of the product to exchange.

2 - ERP is installed on your server

the warehouse is chosen using this algorithm :

  • First, ERP takes the website associated to the order raising the RMA
  • Next, it checks the warehouse having assignment “RMA Reservation” for the order website


Check in the original order if a warehouse is correctly assigned in Preparation tab, If it’s not the case, assign a warehouse and it should solve the issue.

To solve the issue “An error occurred : Stock level too low for reservation” you must then make** a stock movement** with ERP to grant the original warehouse linked to the original order .

1- You have only one warehouse

  • Make a stock movement with ERP under the menu ERP > Products > [product to exchange] > Stock

2- If you have several warehouse

  • Make a stock movement for the product  to exchange on the warehouse linked to the original order.

Here an example

  • You have ERP and RMA extension, you have twice warehouse “Warehouse01” and “Warehouse02”
  • Here your stock level for your product

“Tee Shirt size M” : “Warehouse01 = 10/10” and “Warehouse02 = 0/10”

“Tee Shirt size L” : “Warehouse01 =   0/10” and “Warehouse02 = 10/10”

  • An order #100000001 has been checkout with a product “Tee Shirt” size M inside, for the Warehouse01.
  • The new stock level are

“Tee Shirt size M” : “Warehouse01 = 9/10” and “Warehouse02 =  0/10”

“Tee Shirt size L” : “Warehouse01 =  0/10” and “Warehouse02 = 10/10”

  • The customer ask for a RMA because the size is too small, and request an exchange size M between size L
  • Once the product has been sent to your logistician and staff, you will accept the RMA exchange
  • Now to be able to exchange product size M with size L, you must make a stock movement on the warehouse01, because the original order stock level for size M is under warehouse01, so its : 0/10
  • Go in ERP then make a stock movement like this : “1” from “Warehouse02” to “warehouse01”, save the stock movement
  • Now you can process the exchange with RMA extension because the warehouse associated to the original order #100000001 for the size L has been increased!

8. Product received

When you click on button “Product received” it will :

  • Notify the customer
  • Change the status of the RMA to “Product received”

It won’t increase product stock.

RMA extension will manage stock destination only at the end of the process.

9. RMA Edition Failed

I use the extension Klarna payment and when I want to edit an RMA I got error exception

"Cannot retrieve the payment information object instance."




This come from a missing data of klarna extension which didn’t add a title for the payment method object used in magento.

To handle the issue go on boostmyshop.com then login with your account and create a ticket to ask for the patch :

Patch RMA - Custom payment compatibility.zip

10. RMA credit memo issue

here the scenario 01 :

I have processed an RMA to exchange a product, everything work, but unfortunately the customer want a refund on the created order with zero amount ! How to handle.

here the way :

Magento will never refund a zero price order.You cannot refund a free order too.

In that case you must refund the original order.

Let’s said :

  • 100000001 ( product A , total = 10 euros)
  • client ask for exchange A between B
  • staff create RMA : 100000001-1 + process exchange product A vs B
  • a new order 100000002 with total = 0 euros is created
  • client ask for a refund on product B because of change minding
  • staff get the order 100000001 in state “complete” and then create a credit memo
  • To get +1 in stock for second order, create a new RMA (for second order with price zero) then choose action “no action” destination = “back to stock”

11. Managing guest order

Once the guest customer fill the form for guest Return, an account will be created.

So admin can see the RMA in Sales > Product Return > Customer Return.


See “4. Rma management” > “2. Manage product return” to know how the admin must process RMA.

12. Exchange with higher or lower product


Create product return > Process Products > Action = “Exchange”

(select the shipping method and initial payment because it appears in the email)

Case 1 : one for one exchange with same price

result => Generate a new order $ 0: with status : pending then invoice and ship it.

Case 2 : one for one exchange with higher price.

insert the price difference in the technical costs field. Between the original price and the higher value.

(price including VAT), select the shipping method and initial payment because it appears in the email.

result => Generate a new order with the amount of the difference: with status : pending then invoice and ship it.

Case 3 : one to one exchange with price less important.

After having created the product return like case 1, create a credit memo in original order (indicate amount with a point and not a comma : 9.18 ok, 9,18 not).

result => Generate a new order $ 0: with status : pending then invoice and ship it.

Case 4 : exchange one for two

Use case 1 then create an new order for the second product (modify the price if needed)

result => Generate a first new order $ 0: with status : pending then invoice and ship it. Then second order with second product.

Case 5 exchange two for one

exchange the first then refund the second

(use case 2 or 3 if price difference).

result => Generate a new order $ 0: with status : pending then invoice and ship it. And create credit memo for second product in original order.

13. Translate or Edit emails template

Our extension is provided with english & french email templates.

If you wish to translate emails in another language, follow those steps (in this tutorial, we will translate the “product return accepted” email to german) :

Go to system > transactional emails

Click on button “New template”

In the template drop down menu, select “product return accepted” , select locale “english United states” and click on “Load template” :


Next, set the template name (for instance “Product Return Accepted GERMAN”), and edit the template content and save.

Once the new email template is setup, go in system > configuration > Product Return > Email

Then, change the configuration scope to German :


Once the page is reloaded, select Email, uncheck “Use website” checkbox for “Template Product Return Accepted” and select your email template in the drop down menu


Then save !

Now, this email will be used to notify clients associated to the german store

14. Known Conflicts

ATOS payment extension :

  • our extension did not support the credit memo creation on ATOS payment.