5. Customer Account

In customer account, a new tab allow customer to view his RMAs and also to request for a new one.

New request

If you enabled product return request from customer (System > configuration > Product return), customers can request for a new RMA from their customer accounts.


To create a new request, customers must click on “Request a new request” button and then select the order that contains products to return.


When customer send his request, a new product return is created, and an email is sent to notify the administrator.

The new request is available in Sales > Product returns > Customer returns.

Download return label

Once product return is accepted by your service, you can provide to your customer a shipping label to ship back their products. ( see “RMA Management” )

To print the label, the customer must click on “Download return label” in the RMA view of his customer account, accept terms and conditions and then download the PDF.