1. Overview

Return Merchandise Authorized Request

From your website, your customer can request a return from an existing order. He can select the reason for return (you can create as many reasons as you want) and type a comment. When a return is requested, your administration is notified via email

Accept return

From the admin panel, you can accept or deny a return. When you accept a return the customer is notified and can print the RMA form from his customer account. When you receive products back into your warehouse you can easily inform customer with a processing status such as: product received, product being checked, waiting for supplier... etc.

Process a return

From a RMA, you can process several actions on each product : * Refund customer: automatically create a credit memo and put the product back to stock

  • Exchange with another product : select substitution product and automatically create a new order with the new product and put the old product back to stock
  • Return the product back to the customer- charging him for the cost to repair the item or other fees

Other features

  • Reserve product for future RMA
  • Set a date limit for items being returned
  • Manage your stock direction (back to stock, destroy)
  • Charge custom fees
  • Automatic history
  • Compatible with Embedded ERP stock management