1. Overview


Following an order, a customer may want to return some products.

Using Magento core functions, it’s not really an easy thing for your customers to proceed these kind of request.

Using our Product Return extension, they will be able to select the product return reason (allowing them to set as many reasons as they want), as well as adding a comment to provide more details.

Every time a return will be requested, your administration will be notified via email, depending of the one set in the module configuration.

Product Return global process

Here is scheme of the product return process, giving an overview of all its steps :


Product returns acceptance

When a product return will be requested, you will be able to accept or refuse it from the admin panel.

If you choose to accept the product return request, your customer will be notified and then be able to print the product return form directly from his customer account.

At the time you receive returned products back into your warehouse, you can easily inform customer of the return progress changing its status to product received, product being checked, waiting for supplier, etc..

Different ways to process a return

From the product return management screen, you can select which action apply on each returned product, like :

  • Exchange : Change the returned product for another one, automatically creating a new order with the new product in, putting the exchanged product back to stock.
  • Back to customer : Return the product to the customer, with the possibility to charge him for repair cost, or any other fees.
  • Refund : Automatically create a credit memo and put the product back to stock. The product must be invoiced and shipped.
  • Back to stock : Put the product back to stock. The product must be not invoiced and shipped.

Some other features

  • Product reservation function
  • Limit date settable for all products return requests
  • Possibility to add custom fees to each product return
  • Product return history automatically created
  • Compatible with Embedded ERP stock management system.