6. FAQ

No “Request a Quote” button on frontend

  1. Are you logged in ?

    In fact, the Request a Quote button is only available for logged customers. It will not appear for guest ones.

  2. Check your Quote request settings (System > Configuration > Customers > Quote > Quote request).

    You need to, at least :

    • Set Allow quotation request from product view option to Yes.
    • Select all customers group in option Allow quote request for this customer groups.
  3. Check if your Magento uses a custom package/template.

    To do it, go into System > Configuration > General > Design.

    You’ll find there a “Package” section and a “Themes” one, providing the required information.

    If your Magento uses a custom theme or a custom package, it needs Quotation templates and layout files to also be uploaded in the required folders.

    Here is the comparison between Quotation original files path, and a custom theme modified path :

    Quotation files path Custom package/theme files path
    app/design/frontend/base/default/ app/design/frontend/[your package]/[you theme]/

    Follow this array to upload the two Quotation folders “layout” + “template” from the extension package to the right path following your custom theme/package.

    Once done, please refresh Magento caches to apply the changes.

Error when adding the quote to the cart

“You must file the product options”

  • Go back into the quote, and save each products required options


Our extension doesn’t support File upload option for product

Taxes management

There is no explicit tax management inside a quotation : as a quotation is transformed in product, magento applies taxes as other products.


If you create a quotation for a new customer, it’s better to set billing and shipping addresses as magento use those information to calculate taxes.

How to set the shipping cost?

As said before:

“if you create a quotation for a new customer, it’s better to set billing and shipping addresses as magento use those information to calculate taxes.”

So when making a quote the shipping rates are calculated via magento way, based on the customer shipping and billing address.

You cannot add or edit the amount of the shipping cost.

Disable add to cart button for individual request products ?

Go in System > Configuration > Customer > Quote > Disable add to cart button for individual request products

Set it to Yes and save the page.

According to your design template, edit the file addtocart.phtml in /app/design/frontend/[package name]/[template name]/template/catalog/product/view

Replace line 30 by

if($_product->isSaleable() && Mage::helper('quotation/AddToCart')->canAddToCart($_product)):

Then save the file.

How do I remove the button “request a quote” from the product page ?

  1. edit the file app/design/frontend/base/default/template/Quotation/request_quote.phtml



then rename the file “request_quote.phtml” by “request_quote.phtml.old

How to edit the PDF for Quotation ?

If you use the boostmyshop extension “Global PDF” you can edit it in media/globalPDF/[theme folder]/Quotation.xml

If you don’t use it edit the PDF file by editing the files :

  • app/code/community/MDN/Quotation/Model/Quotationpdf.php
  • app/code/community/MDN/Quotation/Model/Pdfhelper.php


Make a backup of these files before editing them.

Variable for quote email

You may want to customize the quote email ?

Here the way to go :

1 - make a backup of the file Notification.php in app/code/community/MDN/Quotation/Model/Quotation/Quotation

2- edit the file Quotationpdf.php to add your custom variable to the email

3- edit the email template file at /app/locale/xx_XX/email/template/Quotation/[template.html]

4- add your custom variable like {{var my_var}}

Here the list of the available Quotation variables :

Variable Description
increment_id increment id
quotation_id quotation id
customer_id customer id
caption quote caption
valid_end_time valid end time
created_time created time
message message
product_id product id
user user
show_detail_price show detail price status
price_ht global quote price exclude tax
visible visible status
auto_calculate_price auto calculate price status
weight weight
auto_calculate_weight auto calculate weight status
free_shipping free shipping status
notification_date notification date
quotation_ref quotation reference
promo_id promotion id
customer_msg customer message
customer_request customer request text
shipping_description shipping description
shipping_rate shipping rate
shipping_method shipping method name
status quote status
bought bought status
reminded reminded status
additional_pdf additional pdf path
manager manager name
security_key security key
business_proposal business proposal
reduction reduction
customer_name customer name