5. Customer side

1. Quotation list

Once a quotation is visible, customer can view it from customer area


 To view the content, click on the link “View quotation”


 From quotation view, customer can

  • Print quotation
  • Add quotation to cart

2. Quotation request

If you enabled “Customer quotation request” in your configuration, customer can request for a quotation from their cart


Clicking on “Create request” button, customer is redirected to a page in which they can select product to include in quotation inquiry plus an area to fill comments.


If customer is not logged in, he is redirected to magento authentication page to log in or to create an account

Once customer has filled information, a new quotation is created with “Customer request” status. Then, administrator has to fill required information such as expiration date and product prices and notify customer.

After customer is notified, quotation status is set to “Active” to allow customer to view it.