4. How to use

1. Create a new quote

  • Go inside customer view
  • Select quotation tab
  • Click on “New quotation” tab
  • Fill quotation caption and then click on “Save” button
  • A new quotation is created and displayed

Create a new order from admin panel with a quote

To add the quote to the customer order from admin panel, you must :

  • Click on the button “Notify” from the quote. This will create the bundle product on Catalog > products
  • Create a new order for the customer, select the created bundle product quotation by filtering per sku or name
  • Checkout the order

2. Find a Quotation

There are 2 ways to find an existing quotation:

  • Use customer view and then select “Quotation” tab
  • Use search form using Customer > Quotation menus

3. Edit a quotation

Quotation short description
Valid until:
Limit date for customer to use quotation
Personal message for customer
Free shipping:
If checked, free shipping will be applied when placing order
Product generated for this quotation
Show detail prices:
If checked, sub items price will be displayed in PDF and front office
Price (excl tax):
Quotation Price. If ” Calculate from sub-items ” is checked, price is calculated as sum of sub-items price. If not checked, you can set any value
Quotation Weight. If ” Calculate from sub-items ” is checked, weight is calculated as sum of sub-items weight. If not checked, you can set any value
Last Notification:
Date of customer notification
Associated promotion:
If free shipping is checked, a magento promotion is created


Define quotation status :

  • New : quotation is created but not visible by customer
  • Customer request : quotation is created because customer made a quotation request. You must set status to “active” to allow customer to view it
  • Active : customer can view quotation
  • Expired : quotation is expired


 To save changes, click on “Save” button

4. Add Products

There are 2 ways to add products to quotation :

  • Select products from database : click on “Add from products list” button, checked wanted products and then press button “Save” to apply.
  • You can also add fake product : to add a fake product, click on “Add fake product” button, fill the field and click on “Save” button. A fake product is interesting if you wish to sell services or products not present in the database.


After having added a fake product into the quote a warning will notice you about the unreal product ( to avoid staff picking trouble)

Once products are added, you can set several information :



 To save changes, click on “Save” button

5. Printing and Customer notification


“print” button is not available if quotation is not transformed as product

To transform quotation in product, click on “Notify” link (quotation will automatically be set visible).

To print a quotation, click on “print ” button.

The default logo size is : 585px (width) per 50px (height). You can set the logo into the PDF by uploading a new image (png or jpeg) into

See also

System > Configuration > Customer > Quote

 To modify email content, use Magento transactional email menu.

6. Duplicate quotation

To duplicate a Quotation, click on “Duplicate” button inside quotation view and then select target customer :

Setting Description
Position Set products order in quotation
Product Id Empty if fake product
Sku Product Sku
Name Product Name
Qty Product qty
Price Unit price (excl tax)
Cost Product cost (read only)
Weight Product weight
Exclude If checked, product could be removed from quotation by customer. This is useful to propose additional options to quotation
Action To remove a product from quotation

8. Business Proposal

When creating a quote you may want to explain why your quote is so attractive and competitive. Customer will surely negotiate the quote etc ...

That’s is why our extension allow you to add a business proposal section!

Go into a quote and click on tab “Commercial offer”


Click on the button “Add section” to create the business proposal section.

Some text will appear on the tab “New title” and “New content” , just click inside “New title” to edit it.

Then click on the grey block to exit the edition.


 Then click on the text “New content” a field for text edition will appear :

  • Write your text in this field.
  • Once the business proposal is filled click on the button “Preview” to get the final render.
  • If you are satisfy then you must save it by clicking on the button “Save” at the top of the quote to record it.
  • If you want remove the text content just click on “Delete” button.
  • If you want add a new section with both title and content , just click on the button “Add section”

Now the customer will be able to view the commercial offer offer by clicking on the button “Download PDF” in his account under section “My quotes”.

Here the rendering PDF of a business proposal (page 2) :