3. Configuration

1. General


If “access denied” message is displayed, you have to log out / log in to reset admin permissions

Setting Description
Category for associated Product Put the ID of the category for the created bundle product*
Attribute-set Id for associated Product Choose the attribute set to save for the created bundle product
Default validity duration Put the number of days to define the default validity duration of a quote
Tax Class for quotation Choose the tax to apply for the created bundle product* (don’t choose “none”)
Display text field Display the product description text field in the admin quote : yes/no
Manufacturer attribute Choose the manufacturer to apply to the created bundle product*

created bundle product are the magento product created from the quote which will contain both real and fake product for the customer. The visibility of the created bundle product is “not visible individually” the quantity is managed only for real products.

2. Quote notification

Settings Description
Email Sender Email to use to send new request notification
Email  Template Email template to use

3. Quotation request

You can also configure settings to allow customer to request quotations

Setting Description
Allow quotation request If enabled, customer  could request for quotation using a form from customer area
Allow quotation request from product view Select : “no” or “only enabled products” or “all products” to display the button for quotation request
Allow quotation request from cart Yes / No
Allow quote request for this customer group Choose customer’s group (multi select)
Email sender Email to use to send new request notification
Send to Notify this email for each new quote request
Template Email template to use
Disable add to cart button for individual request product Here you can choose to show/hide the button “add to cart” for the customer when viewing his quote.

4. Cart options

Setting Description
Empty cart after quote request Clear the customer cart after adding the quote
Empty cart before adding quote Clear the customer cart before adding the quote

5. Customer reminder

Settings Description
Enable Yes / No
Reminder delay Enter the delay in days before sending email to remind the customer about his quote
Email sender Select the sender email (from)
Email template Choose the template for the remind email

6. PDF settings

Setting Description
Header image Choose an image to apply the logo as header for the quote PDF ( Header image is fixed (not resized) to 585 per 50 pixels )
PDF Footer text displayed in Quotation PDF Footer
Agreement text displayed in quotation pdf