2. Installation

1. Copy Files


Before files upload, ENABLE MAGENTO CACHE this will prevent Magento to try to install extension before all files are uploaded

If Magento’s Compilation is enabled, please disabled it

Also, if you have any

  • APC cache
  • Redis cache
  • Memcache

> Please disable them


Open the file “app/etc/local.xml” and check for / switch off any other extra caches

Upload files

You just need to upload this file structure to your server on the same file structure provided by Magento.

No code file will be erase : All the code files will be available into /app/code/community/MDN


Once all files are copied, please follow here under steps to make sure it is well installed:

  • Refresh cache (System menu > Cache settings): If you get any error message at this stage, it means that there are some problems with the installation.
  • Disconnect and reconnect yourself from Magento’s back office.

2. Minimal configuration

After having activated the extension, you have the save at least one time the configuration page.

Go in System > Configuration > Customer > Quote

Here the list of the required settings :

  • Tax Class for quotation (select a tax to apply to the generated quote - must be different that “none”)
  • Allow quotation request from product view (“all products”)
  • Allow quotation request from cart (“yes”)
  • Allow quote request for this customer groups (put at least one group like “general”)

Save the page to apply.

Once the page saved customers will be able to request a quote from the cart or the product page if their are logged in.

3. Basic tests

Once the minimal configuration as been saved, play this quick test to be sure that quotation is running.

1 - Create a fake customer with your own email address

2 - Login on your magento frontend with this fake customer

3 - Select a product to view the dedicated page, you should see the button “Request a quote”

  • if your customer belong to the same group that “Allowed customer group” from quotation configuration page
  • if the product is allowed, see “Allow for products” ( all products)

4 - Submit a quote by filling the text area and the quantity

You should be able to view and process the quote into the tab

See also

Quote > Manage quote

4. Other modules compatibility

Magento architecture allows to customize class behavior using overriding. However, 2 modules can not override the same class.

So if you install other modules that override the same class, you need to custom it.

To know overridden classes by Purchase Module, take a look at config.xml file,  sections.