1. Overview


This extension doesn’t manage configurable, bundle and grouped products.

Catalog price rules, group prices and special prices are managed by the extension.


All quotes created through Quotation extension will be retrieved in Magento as Bundle products.

We cannot change this working way as all the extension operations are based on it.

Key features

Quote request management

From your website, customers will be able to request for a quote from their own account, from any product page or even from the cart page.

You can easily allow or disallow quote request at any product or customer group level.

Notification emails will be sent to an email address defined in the module configuration, any time a new quote is requested by a customer.

Customizable quotes

Quotation quotes are highly customizable, with multiple options allowing it :

  • Products selection from a grid, easily filterable
  • Prices modification and discounts management
  • Optionnal option for each product
  • Shipping fees management
  • PDF support for product advertising or commercial offers purpose

One click notifications

Once quotes are complete, notify your customer with only 1 simple click :

An email will be sent to him, containing the quote as attachment.

From this email, your customer will be able to easily access his quote using the URL provided, that will automatically log him in and bring him to the quote management page.

Add to cart step

Once log into his account, your customer will be able to easily download their quotes in PDF format, and then add them to their cart.

At the cart step, optional products can be removed, other products have to be bought together.

Finally, when all the desired products will be selected, total price will be calculated and the quote will be buyable as any other product.

Automatic Reminder

Another awesome option available is the automatic reminder function :

Our extension offers the possibility to automatically send a reminder email to customers who didn’t go ahead with your quotes, after a delay defined in the module configuration.