4. How to use

1. Important notices

Reports consider only invoiced order : orders without invoice are not used in calculation

To properly calculate margin, Profit Report uses the “cost” value stored in order database:

when a customer place an order, Magento copies product cost value (available in product sheet) in order database.

If product cost is not set when customer place order, the cost will be set to 0 and then, Profit Report will not use liable data.

If the attribute “cost” is not present on your Magento, you must create it to fill each product’s page.

2. Main screen

Select menus Reports > Profit Report  to display main screen :


3. Report parameters

First, you must select report parameter:

  • From date
  • To date
  • Axe : you can choose to group report by category, attribute set, manufacturer, customer group or customer country
  • Sku details : if “yes”, the report will include products for each axe.

Once all report parameter are set, click on “Display report” button to display it. You can also download it using the “Download” button.

4. Report column

Every reports display the same column:

  • Axe : axe name
  • Sub item : product name (available only if “Sku details” is enabled)
  • Order count : number of order for the period
  • Customer count : number of customer for the period
  • Product count : number of sold product for the period
  • Total sales
  • Total percent sales : percentage of current axe sales on the whole period
  • Total margin : margin total for the period
  • Margin percent : percentage of current axe margin on the whole period
  • Contribution percent : margin percentage * sales percentage