3. Configuration


Notice: if you have “Access denied” message, you have to logout and login from admin panel to reset permissions.


You can set the following parameters (notice that every setting can be done at website level; in this way, you can create a public website and a private one within Magento).

1. User account

Require activation code Account creation required activation code.

2. General

Enable Enable “Private Sales”
Exceptions With exception, you can allow visitor to view specific pages without being logged in
Root category Set root category of current store.

Exceptions follow Magento Url patterns : “module/controller/action”.

If you want to add an exception for the home page, you must use : cms/index/index

3. Invitations

Next, you have to set parameters for invitations.

Invitation feature is used to send emails to one or more leads to send us an activation code to be used to create a customer account on frontend.

Email Sender Identity to use to send emails
Email template Email template to use to notify customer
Allow customers invitation If enabled, customers can send invitation to contact from customer account
Invitation count Max invitation count your customers can send

 To send email invitation you must select Email template : Private Sales Invitation.

4. Abreviations

Abbreviations displayed on product view

days days abbreviation
hours hours abbreviation
minutes minutes abbreviation
seconds Seconds abbreviation

5. Display slider

During flash sale creation, you can add a picture.

In order to display slider, copy commented code at the beginning of the file

See also


Paste it in CMS page.(CMS > Page > your page tab design).