1. OverviewΒΆ

Private Sales is a Magento Extension designed to prevent not authenticated visitor to browse your website and access to your catalog.

It includes front site access restriction and invitations.

In order to go in your website, they must log in using email and password.


Whatever url visitor try to reach (however, you can define exceptions), he will be redirected to the login page from which he can:

  • Fill in authentication information to log in
  • Request a new password by email
  • Access to public web page where you can describe the way to create an account
  • Create an account using activation code

You can invite leads to your private website using backoffice form: send invitation to one or more customer.

Each invitation contains an activaiton code to be used to create an account from front office.

You can also allow your customers to invite contacts from our customer account.

Last, Private Sales extension can manage Flash Sales to automatically enable a product during a specific period and display countdown before period end.