4. How to use


Price tracker uses barcodes to match products.

If there is no barcode available for a product, Price tracker can’t retrieve its competitor prices.

Before going to next steps, please make sure all the products which you want to monitor have a barcode.


To see Price Tracker comparison charts, just go on Catalog > Products grid, or go on ERP > Products if you got Embedded ERP installed.

You should now see the Price Tracker grid added to your products grid :


There are 2 display types for a product :

  1. Product hasn’t been matched with competitor’s products

This may be due to different reasons :

  • No barcode available : You didn’t fill the Barcode field in the product settings
  • No offer for this product : There is no competitor’s offer for this product at the moment
  • No result : The barcode you used for this product hasn’t been found
  1. Product has been matched with competitor’s products

If the product has been matched, you can see an array with all competitors information.

All competitor’s information (name, price, shipping price, total price) is displayed for each product.

It’s now quite easy to update your product’s price seeing the competitor prices.