3. Configuration

To configure Price Tracker, go to System > Configuration, and then Catalog > Price Tracker.


If you get an “Access denied” message, logout and login yourself from the admin panel to reset permissions.


In the account panel, you have to provide your Price Tracker account credentials.


To find it, go to BoostMyShop, login to your account, and go in My Credits tab.

You should now have a screen like :


Note User and Secret key displayed, then report them in the Price Tracker account fields.

Click on [Save], then have a look at the Account status :

  • Status = OK : You should see your credits balance displayed. Well done, your Price Tracker account is successfully configured.
  • Status = Unable to connect : Have a look at the error message displayed, something went wrong with the account configuration.


The general configuration section gives you the keys to globally set Price Tracker.

Field Value
Enable Enable or not Price Tracker features
Price Tracker Channel Defines the channel monitored by Price Tracker
Barcode attribute Set attribute containing products barcode (UPC / EAN code)
Price update frequency Set the price update frequency


Here is a list of Google channels managed by Price Tracker :

  • Google.au
  • Google.de
  • Google.es
  • Google.fr
  • Google.it
  • Google.nl
  • Google.uk
  • Google.us


This section will modify Price Tracker appearance on Magento grids.

Field Value
Sort mode for seller The way to sort competitors in Price Tracker comparison chart on Magento grids
Number of sellers to display Choose how many sellers to display in Price Tracker comparison charts on Magento grids


The Sort mode for seller option can be set to :

  • Sort per cheapest offer (price and shipping)
  • Sort per Google rank

Products To Watch

Choose in this section which products will be watched by Price Tracker.

Field Value
Watch only selected products Set Price Tracker to only watch selected products
Exclude disabled products Exclude all disabled products from Price Tracker management
Exclude out of stock products Exclude all out of stock products from Price Tracker management


If you set the option Watch only selected products to Yes,

You will then have to click on the Watch this product button appearing in Price Tracker column for each product row, in order to watch them with Price Tracker.



The tools section contains useful options in case of problem with the extension.

Field Value
Flush cache Flush Price Tracker cache. This will remove all competitor’s prices data from cache system
Create table SQL request to create Price Tracker table in database.