1. Overview / Requirements

Comparison tool

Price Tracker retrieves competitor prices from Amazon or Google Shopping and display them directly in your Magento.

The extension offers a dedicated product screen catalog in your Magento back end :


For each product, Price Tracker provides you a comparison chart between your selling prices and others competitor’s ones.

This also quickly allows you to get your competitor’s names.

Price tracker can find and show you up to 5 competitors by product, sorted by price from lowest to highest one.

The extension uses barcodes system to match your products with competitor’s ones.


If you didn’t set barcodes for some products, Price tracker will so not be able to retrieve their competitor’s prices.

Price Adjustment

Price tracker screen displays your selling price for each product.

Moreover, it allows you to directly adjust your selling price depending on the selected price field.

Then, click on Save to update your product price.