5. Use case

 Case 1 : I want to edit some products

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Go into Catalog > Price factory > Manual

Make a quick filter on the name column, and type the partial name of the desired products.

For example : name = Tee, will show you the list of the product’s name with Tee [...]

Then edit row by row the product price.

Case 2 : I want a mass price action on my “New” product category to make a special promo for this summer !

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Go into Catalog > Price factory > Mass

Apply a filter by choosing into the “category” settings the desired category.

To do this simple click on the category (example New), you can multi select by making a “Ctrl” + simple click.

Then choose the special price action , example :

  • mode = decrease percent
  • value = 0.2
  • from = 2013-06-01
  • to = 2013-08-31

Now let’s test it, click on “Preview ” button to show the future selected product and price value, exclude some old products by tick the boxes and finnally click on “Apply Prices” button !