4. How to use

To use the extension go into tab catalog > price factory .


Three sub tab are available :

  • manual
  • mass
  • history

1. Manual mode

Select tab “manual” to get the following page :


Here you can easily view all product per lines, you can filter them by editing/selecting the column value.

To modify a product price, just click on the input text box, modify the price value :

  • twice icon appear : Save icon , Delete icon , of course click and save icon to save the new price, and delete icon to cancel the modification.
  • The margin in percentage is displayed if you have set and filled the cost attribute for this product.
  • The price including tax is dynamically added (based on the default tax from configuration).

Do the same for each row, to modify each product’s price.

2. Mass mode

Select tab “mass” to be able to edit price by mass.

1) The matching conditions


To  select your products you must apply at least one condition, here the available conditions :

  • Sku contains : type the partial sku of the product like ‘ABC’ to find all products which contain a sku and begin by ‘ABC’
  • Created at : select the operator for the created date, then click on calendar icon to select the date
  • Name contains : the same as the sku, but with the product’s name
  • Stock is : select the operator and the value to apply a filter on the stock qty example : >   10
  • Category : select the category to apply a filter on it
  • Attribute Set : select the attribute set to apply the filter on it
  • Websites : select the website
  • Excluded skus : type the excluded sku

2) The Price action


in this table you must choose the future price for selected products, here the list of the settings :

  • Mode : choose the price mode there five mode :

          - increase value : once selected the price value will be increased by X (example : base price = 10, value set to 5, future price = 10 +5 -> 15)

          - increase percent : the same with percentage.

          - decrease value : once selected the price value will be decreased by X (example : base price = 10, value set to 5, future price = 10 -5 -> 5)

          - decrease percent : the same with percentage value

          - custom formula : Type your custom formula to apply your own operation (example : {cost} * 0.3 : will take the cost of the price and multiply it by 0.3)

To use correctly the formula you must add {} into the product attribute code, like {cost} , {price} , {my_attribute}

Be careful, you can only choose float or integer attribute in your formula ( example :  {color} * ( 1  + ( 8.6/100 ) )  will fail ).

3) The special price action

the table show you the available settings :

  • mode : the same as describe in previous settings
  • value : the future price value
  • from : the start date for special price
  • to : the end of date

Once the conditions and price tables are filled, click on button “Refresh Preview” to render the list of the filtered products and display the future price.

At this step you will be able to see the future modified product’s price, you must validate the rendered list to apply the price settings.


the table will show you this settings :

  • Id (product id)
  • Manufacturer
  • Sku
  • Created at
  • Product (name)
  • Qty
  • Cost : if filled
  • Main Website : the base price for main website ( example : 100.50 )
  • Price Excl tax   :  the future price after action ( 100.20 )
  • Excluded : tick this box to exclude this product from the “applying” product list
  • View : click on this link to open the magento product page

To process the mass price action you must approve the preview by clicking the button “Apply Prices “.

To reset the filter, click on button “Reset all “.

3. History

select the tab “history ” to view the log of the price changes.


this page sum up the price changes, every time you edit a product price via price factory or directly from the product page.

Here the list of the displayed information :

  • id : the product id
  • Date : the product’s creation date
  • User : the current user which has changed the price
  • Sku
  • Product : the product name
  • Website : the product website
  • Price before
  • Price after
  • Special Price before
  • Special Price after