5. Order fullfilment

The order preparation tool, available in the section Orders > Picking, allows you to optimize the shipping time while reducing the risk of errors (sending unpaid orders, wrong product...).

The ERP Module splits orders in four tabs.On each tab, products of orders follows the codification below:

  • Green : product booked for order
  • Red : missing product

In order to define the status orders that appear in each tab, go to : Modules > Administration > ERP pour Prestashop > Configurer > « Order fulfillment » tab

1. Configuration

The module configuration section is available by the tab Modules> Administration> ERP for Prestashop> Configure.

You will find on this first tab “Fullfill” three very important lists for the module :

  • The first list “Pending order status” is for the order status to be available for their shipment. All orders with status selected in this list will be displayed in the “Fullstock” tab of the ERP if all products are in stock.
  • The second list “Ignored order status” set the orders that appear in the list of “Ignored orders” tab of the ERP. For example, if you select the status “Waiting for payment” all orders with this status will be displayed in the “Ignored orders” tab.
  • Finally, the last list “Statutes to not display in order fullfilment” defined the statutes of all orders will not be displayed in the order fullfillment part of the ERP. For example status “Cancelled”, “Guarantee”... will be selected.

2. Fullstock Orders

This tab will allow you to view completed order, ie paid orders for which products are in stock and that you can send in their entirety.

On the configuration screen, you can define status order which will be considered complete by selecting the desired status in the list : « Allowed status for pending sales orders ». You can define several status by keeping the « Ctrl » keyboard touch pressed.


3. Stockless Orders

This tab will allow you to view stockles sorders, ie orders for which at least one product is missing.

Depending on your Prestashop version (>= 1,5) you can send partial orders.

Orders whose status will be selected in the lists « Allowed status for ignored » and « Status not to display in order fullfilment » in the configuration screen will not be displayed in this tab. You can define several status by keeping the « Ctrl » keyboard touch pressed.


4. Ignored Orders

To avoid to ship unpaid orders, ERP allows you to define ignored status in order to avoid unwanted shipping.

In the configuration screen, you can set the order status ignored by selecting the “Status commands ignored” list. Generally, order status “Pending payment” is selected in this list. You can define several status by keeping “Ctrl” keyboard touch pressed.


5. Selected orders

This tab allows you to view all orders with the status « Preparation in progress ».

Whatever the tab, to add an order to the orders list in preparation, check orders and select the option « Add to selection » in the action menu. Then click on the « Submit » button.

Selected orders are now in this tab and you are ready to send !


6. Picking List

Once orders are selected, you can print the picking list with button « 2 – Picking list ». This PDF summarizes every products you need to do packing.

Note : picking list is a global view of the products for all orders. If a product is in several orders, it will be displayed only once in the picking list, but with a quantity matching to all orders that contain it.

7. Download documents

Once you have picked all products in your warehouse and bring products back to the preparation table, you can generate one PDF with all invoices & packing slip for selected orders using button “3 – Download invoices & packing slip”.

8. Export to carrier software

The next step is to export order information to your shipping software to generate tracking numbers and print shipping labels.

Every shipping software can :- Import a csv file with order information to print shipping labels- Export a csv file with order number & tracking number to export it in Prestashop.

1. Configuration

ERP exporte order information to each carrier software based on the shipping method. So you must define association between shipping method and carrier software in Modules > Administration > ERP > Configure :


In the “Carrier template” tab are displayed carrier software supported by ERP. (If you need another one, please contact us).For each software, you must select the Prestashop shipping method.

2. Export order information to shipping software

From order fulfillment screen, click on button “4 – Shipping labels” :


To download csv file to import in carrier software, click on the Shipping Software name in “Download order list for shipping software section”.

3. Import tracking numbers

Once labels are printed, you must import tracking numbers in prestashop to store them in order and inform customers. From the shipping software, export the trackings numbers, go back in step #4 in Order fulfillment screens, select the carrier template in the drop down menu, select the csv file and click on “Commit” button. Then, tracking numbers are saved in orders.

9. Customer notification

Last step is to inform customers about the shipping : for this, click on the “Confirm orders” button to change order status and send an email to your customers.