4. Purchase order

1. Configuration

To configure ERP, go in menu Modules > Administration > Erp pour Prestashop > Configure > Purchase :

  • Notify suppliuer status : when you send PO by email to the supplier, ERP can toggles PO status to the defined value
  • Tax rules : default tax rate for products
  • Merchant name -> Country : information used to display your address in the PO PDF
  • PDF footer : information displayed in the PDF footer
  • Mail template : email content sent to the supplier for purchase order notification

2. Suppliers management

Basically, Prestashop can handle suppliers in menu Catalog > suppliers. However, ERP extend supplier information adding several fields :

  • Default supply delay : When product is out of stock, ERP displays availability message based on the supplier supply delay : « Shipped under X days »
  • Address : printed on the purchase order PDF
  • ** Email** : used to send an email to the supplier to notify about a new Purchase Order

3. Create a new Purchase Order

To create a new Purchase Order, 2 ways:

  1. From the supply needs (read supply needs section)
  2. From the purchase order list available in ERP > Purchase orders : click on the « New» button, select the supplier and click on « save » button.

In both cases, a new purchase order is created and you are redirected to the PO sheet.

4. Main information

  • Reference : automatically set when order is created, but you can customize it
  • Status : the status define how the order is considered by ERP :

o New : order is being created, it is not considered by ERP

o Waiting for delivery : supplier has been notified about the PO and will ship the goods : ERP is expecting the products and then, it updates supply needs and product availability message on the website.

o Partially delivered : some product have been delivered, others are expectedo Complete :order is done

  • Supplier : supplier associated to the PO
  • Comments : free area
  • Shipping fees rate : tax rate applied for shipping fees
  • Shipping fees :
  • Change rate : if you place purchase order in a different currency, this change rate will be applied
  • Shipping date : Estimated date of delivery : if the product is out of stock, this date is displayed on the website to inform customers.

5. Add products

To add products in the purchase order, select tab « Add products » : you can use the form to search products and click on the search button, results will be displayed on the right. Then, fill quantity for the products you want to add and click on the « Add » link. Each time you select a product, it is added at the bottom of the screen. When you have selected all wanted products, click on the « save » button at the bottom.


When a product is added to the purchase order, some information is filled automatically :

  • Buying price : imported from the product sheet
  • Supplier reference : imported from the product sheet

6. Printing

You can print the PO in PDF to send it to your supplier with the « print » button at the bottom of the screen.

7. Supplier notification

Once the PO is ready, you can send an email to your supplier with the PO PDF in attachment : click on the « Notify supplier » button to send the email.

When you notify supplier, PO status is toggled to « Waiting for delivery ».

You can customize the email in modules > administration > erp > configure.

8. Declare deliveries

When the merchandize arrives in you warehouse, you must declare the deliveries to update the data in ERP : go in the purchase order and select tab « Add delivery ».

Note : only order with status « Waiting for delivery » can have a new delivery.


For each product, you can set :

  • Quantity received
  • Barcode / EAN
  • Location in the warehouse

If the delivery matches to the quantities ordered, you can click on the « all products are delivered » button to confirm a complete delivery.When you confirm the delivery with the save button, ERP apply the deliveries :

  • Create new stock movement to put the products back to stock
  • Reserve product for pending backordered orders
  • If all PO products have been delivered, the PO status is set to « Complete »

You can view all deliveries in the « deliveries » tab :