3. Supply needs

1. Prefered stock level

When ERP is installed, a new field is displayed in the product sheet :


The prefered stock level can be set for each product : when the product stock level goes beyond this limit, a new supply need is created. By default, prefered stock level is set to 0 for every products.

2. Backordered products

Basiscally, Prestashop can handle backordered products : a backordered product is a product sold without stock to fullfill the order : in this case, ERP will automatically create a supply need to inform you that you have to purchase this product.To enable backorders for a product, go in the product sheet and check « Allows orders » in the « When out of stock » section.


3. Supply needs

Supply needs list is available with menu ERP > Supply needs :


 For each product, the system display several information :

  • Sku : product reference
  • Product : product name
  • Stock : current stock level (a negative stock level means that you have backordered products)
  • Prefered stock level : see above
  • Status : 3 values can be displayed

o Sales order : you must purchase the product to fullfill a sales order.

o Prefered stock level :you must purchase the product because the stock level is below the prefered stock level

o Pending supply : this status means that the product is needed but a purchase order exists and is expected for delivery. When the PO delivery will be created, the supply need will be hidden.

  • Supplier : product supplier
  • View : display product sheet

4. Create a purchase order

You can easily create a Purchase Order from supply needs :

  • Filter products list (with suppliers for example)
  • Tick every products you want to add to the purchase order : you must also select the quantity for each product. Around the quantity field, the system displays a minimum quantity and a maximum quantity :

o Minimum quantity : quantity needed to fullfill orders

o Maximum quantity : quantity needed to fullfill orders AND to reach the prefered stock level.

  • In the action menu, select the right supplier and click on the « Execute » button.

Then, a new purchase order is created and the selected products are added to the PO.