1. Overview

Prestashop ERP is an add-on to manage supply, purchases and order fullfilment within the Prestashop admin panel.

The main features are :

  • Supply needs : the module keeps a list up-to-date of the products you need to purchase as you sold back-ordered items or when the stock level was reaching the warning stock level. You can easily filter the list by supplier and create a new purchase order.
  • Purchase orders : Create purchase orders, easily add products, set buying price, quantities… Once your order is ready, you can send an email to the supplier with the purchase order PDF in attachment. Then, when the goods arrive in your warehouse, easily declare delivery to update the stock level
  • Order fullfilment : thanks to this wizard, you instantly see what orders can be fullfilled and what orders are pending supply or payment. Select orders you want to fullfill, print the picking list, mass print invoiceds / packing slip, export order information to the carrier softwares to print shipping labels, import tracking number in prestashop and mass notify customers to inform them about the shipping.