Why use SmartPrice

SmartPrice allows you to adjust your prices according to the competition and your company’s needs, which means you will:

  • Increase sales: SmartPrice offers the best price in comparison to your competitors’ in order to attract sales.
  • Improve your cost effectiveness: You will be selling at the right price, there is no reason to sell your products at much lower prices than your competition. SmartPrice adjusts your prices in relation to your competitors’ to maximise your profit margins.
  • Easily deduce your product’s profit margins: SmartPrice allows you to work out the margins for your products in relation to the market.
  • Make the most of our sale price configuration tool: No need to manually change the sale price for all your products, SmartPrice does it for you by automatically adjusting prices according to changes in the competition, your costs and your settings.
  • Make sure you have the maximum profit for your sales.
  • Allows you to integrate all your costs if you wish to do so, ensuring that you have the most exact calculation to maximise profit. (buying costs, delivery costs, commission taken by online market places and all other additional costs which you may wish to include).
  • SmartPrice offers you a high degree of flexibility when configuring your settings in comparison to other repricing solutions, as a result you are able to apply your own unique settings.
  • Provides help when buying stock or resupplying: SmartPrice can calculate the ideal selling price even when products are out of stock or for sale on market places, which can be very helpful for buyers.
  • Offer the optimal selling price for all selling channels. You do not have to sell your product for the same price on all distribution channels, it is better to change your selling price for each selling channel according to the competition there.