5. FAQ

1. An error occured : Unable to load store !

It can happen that you get the following error message trying to reach POS main screen (Sales > Point Of Sales) :


This error is caused by missing information for your current user at POS level.

To process it, please follow : POS - User configuration

2. POS and MagentoClientComputer

Here a check point list to solve common problems

1 - Did you install Magento Client computer on magento? Here the online documentation.


2 - Does the option “auto print receipt” has been saved to yes in : System > Sales > Point Of Sales ?

3 - Try to run the software MCC .exe as “Administrator”

4 - Check the FTP directory rights at : System > Configuration > Advanced > Magento Client.

Auto print receipt option do not work

Auto print receipt require the extension “Magento Client Computer”. This extension allow you to send the receipt to a remote printer.

But you must install it on your Magento and your computer ( Windows OS only ).

Once MCC is installed and configured you must must run the executable    MagentoClientComputer.exe

If the extension is correctly installed you should see a windows notification “last update…”

Now enable the option “auto print receipt” in POS configuration page to send the receipt during the order creation.

If the receipt is not send check the Magento Client Computer FAQ section and check your printer to handle the common issue (paper, ink, connexion etc..)

3. The request payment method is not available and please select store errors

Most of the times, that happens because the current magento user is not properly configured within Point of Sales.

To do so, you should go to System > Permissions > Users -> [Select a User ], then fill all require fields in section POS information .

Save that page, leave than go back to that page again to double-check that the data was saved indeed.

If the fields were not saved, then go into your remote server FTP for instance and rename the folder /var/cache into /var/cache_old to refresh all the caches.

4. Error processing your request Wrong Content Type

Trace:#0 /home/usr/www/magento/app/code/core/Mage/Usa/Model/Shipping/Carrier/Dhl/International.php(397): Mage::throwException(‘Wrong Content T…’)#1 /home/usr/www/magento/app/code/community/MDN/PointOfSales/Model/System/Config/ShippingMethods.php(30): Mage_Usa_Model_Shipping_Carrier_Dhl_International->getAllowedMethods()

You must save your shipping method, error message show us a problem due to the Carrier : Dhl which have a wrong content type?!

See also

Go into : System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping methods, and save the page.

Now you should be able to add / edit any users.

5. Fatal Error getBackend() on non object

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getBackend() on a non-object

If this error is displayed on POS screen, it’s probably because pos_shortcut attribute has not been created during the installation.

To solve this issue

Go in Catalog > Manage Attribute > Add new attribute

Attribute code : pos_shortcut

Scope : Store View

Catalog Input Type for Store owner : DropDown

Label : Show shortcut in POS

Save the attribute and refresh your POS page ( Ctrl + R )

6. ERP and POS : How to configure a dedicated warehouse for POS aside of your main stock

In order to configure a warehouse to have stock only available for POS sales, please follow :

  • In System > Manage Stores, create a dedicated Website + Store + View called for example « SHOP VIEW ».

  • In ERP > Stock Management > Warehouse, create a warehouse called for example « SHOP WAREHOUSE ».

    Then, go to the Assignments tab and tick the boxes Sales and Order_preparation ONLY for the Website you created and NOT “Admin” ones.

  • Go to System > Configuration, then ERP > Advanced Stock > Router to associate warehouse. Use the drop-down box located in the top-left corner to select the website previously created : « SHOP VIEW ». Then, set the « SHOP » website with the rule « affect to default warehouse ».

  • In System > Permission > Users, set each user working on POS to be linked with this Store, selecting it in the Store field.


You have now to link products you want to sell in the shop with the new « SHOP VIEW » :

  • In Catalog > Manage Products select the products you want to sell in POS, then use the “Update Attribute” mass action and tick the box “website” to add the « SHOP » website.

  • Then, you need to create necessary stock movements in ERP through an imported file OR by going into each product sheet - ERP view - to add stock to the « SHOP » warehouse.

  • Go to System > Configuration then Sales > Point of sales. Set the option Display out of stock products in search results and in Product Shortcuts section to yes, and Save.

  • Refresh Magento caches.

  • Reindex Magento indexes.

  • Log-out from Magento.

  • Log-in again with one of the POS user you have previously configured


To check if you’ve got all well set :

  • Create new order in POS
  • The stock movement in ERP have to be deducted from the « SHOP » warehouse, not the default warehouse or another one.

To remove these bands, just add:

7. I get 4 colored bands at the bottom of POS main screen

To remove these 4 bands, you need to modify PointOfSales.css file.

This file is located in skin\adminhtml\default\default.

At the end of this file, the code to add is :

        display : none;