4. How to use

1. Main functionalities

Main screen

POS main screen is available from menu Sales > Point of Sales.

The main screen looks like :



From the POS main screen, you should see a gears icon located in the top right corner :


Click on it to open a popup containing all POS main shortcuts :

Shortcut Description
Back to Magento Send the user back to Magento admin panel dashboard
Clear cart Reinitialize POS main screen, reseting added product(s), customer, payment method(s) and shipping method set for the current order
Cash register init Function used to init the cash register amount at every working day start
Search orders Display the orders list depending of active store in POS
Export payments Generates a PDF/CSV file of all payments details for a given period
Create product Open a quick product creation popup, helping to create a product with the minimum required information
Change user Change the current POS user
Change store Change the current POS store
Global configuration Quick access to POS configuration at system level
User settings Quick access to POS configuration at user level
Statistics Display POS statistics popup
Print Z-Report Download today’s Z-report
Customer display code Open a new tab displaying POS customer display


User and store change can be disabled from POS configuration.

2. Workflow

Order creation steps


From POS main screen, active customer can be changed at any time from the Customer panel :


Click on the gear icon to open a new popup allowing to add a customer to the current order :


You can chose betwen a guest, existing or new customer.


Guest customer information are retrieved from POS user configuration.

To search for an existing customer, you can use its email address, firstname or lastname. Other customer data are not working to be able to find him.



You must enter a minimum of 3 characters to perform your search.

Your products can be found according to their name, sku, barcode and they must be in stock to appear in the search results.

Scan a product

First of all, you must enable this feature in the configuration ( see 3. Configuration - 3. Barcode scanner )

Then, go on POS main screen, and scan your product


The barcode should appear in the search bar and your product should be listed.


You can also type a barcode using your keyboard

Discount management


You can apply 2 kind of discount in POS : at product and order level. However, you can’t combine both in a same order.

  • Product level


    Setting a value in the discount column will apply a discount on the product Price incl tax.


    Using the drop-down list, you can chose if the discount will be applied as a percentage or directly as a discount amount on the current product price.

  • Order level


    Setting a value in the Overall Discount field will apply a discount on the Order total.


    Using the drop-down list, can chose if the discount will be applied as a percentage or directly as a discount amount on the Order total amount.

Payment method(s)


Here are displayed the payment method set in Multiple Payment configuration.


If “Create invoice” checkbox is ticked, the invoice will be automatically generated at order creation.

Once the method is selected, you will be able to manually enter the paid amount or using the buttons placed at disposal.

The module will automatically calculate the amount to give back if necessary.


Shipping method


Once a product is selected, all enabled shipping methods in your magento will be displayed.

The selected shipping method by default is set in POS’s user configuration.

Order & invoice comment(s)

On POS main screen,


Click on the gears icon to be able to add order or invoice comment(s).


Order validation


Once all fields are filled, click on “Create order” button.

Once order is created, a confirmation popup is displayed.


Cash register init

This feature allows you to define how much money is already in your cash register at the start of each working day.

It’s available from the shortcuts menu.

Once you click on the Cash register init shortcut, a new pop-up will be displayed :


From there, you can init the cash register with the amount of money already in, and even choose what kind of money it is (between all Multiple Payment methods defined, see Add a new payment method section to modify existing ones)

This will be usefull if you also use the Z-Report or Payments export functions, as it will add a “Opening total” entry in the Z-Report, and a “Cash Register at start” entry in the Payments export :

  • Z-report example :

  • Payments export example :


Thanks to it, you’ll be able to deduce, adding sales total to cash register init amount, how much money should be in the cash register at the end of the day.

Product(s) retun

Go in POS main screen, open the sub menu and then s elect “Search orders”


Select the order concerned by the product return :


Once order’s popup is displayed, click on “Return” button

Select the quantity to return and click on “Confirm return” button


A credit memo has been created.

Payments export

From the POS main screen, open the actions menu and click on Export Payments :


Here is a PDF example of exported payments :


Customer Display function

Customer display function is available since POS v2.2.8.

It will allow you to get a screen for customers, going to an URL generated by POS.


You can enable/disable the customer display function from the Point Of Sales configuration.

To access the customer display, simply click on the link displayed at the bottom of the POS menu :


Then, a new screen will appear, containing useful information for your customers when they’re doing an order :


This screen will be updated each time you modify something in the order from the POS main screen.

Thanks to it, your customers will be able to know at any time order’s total, the list of ordered products and their count.

Add product shortcut(s)

During the installation, a new magento attribute is created, called: “pos_shortcut”.

This way, in all magento product page, you will find a “Show shortcut in POS” field.

You just have to select Yes to add this product as a shortcut in the POS interface.

Add a new payment method

POS manages the creation of additional payment method(s).

All available methods are displayed in the right side of POS main screen :


To add a new method, please follow these few steps :

1 - Go in System > Configuration > Sales > Multiple payment.

2 - From the “Custom payment methods” text area, you can add new payment method(s) adding a new line with the method name :


3 - Once all desired methods have been added, save the whole configuration

Auto print POS receipts

If you wish to automatize the print of receipts generated by POS once orders are placed, you will need to use Magento Client Computer Light.

Magento Client Computer Light is a Windows platform software which allows to automatically print PDF files once they are downloaded into a specific directory.

Here is its documentation : Magento Client Computer Light


To get the plugin, please open a support ticket from Boostmyshop Contact page.