5. Order preparation

The order preparation screen is designed to easily process shipment for orders.


Batches & Steps

The steps for are availale as “red buttons” at the top of the screen. You can configure the available steps in stores > configuration > boostmyshop > order preparation.

Whatever steps configuration you choose, it is recommended to process orders by batch (let’s say 20 orders in a batch), and process ALL the steps for the current batch. Orders for the current batch are in the “In progress tab”.

Once you have processed all steps, the last one (Flush shipped orders) will remove orders in the “in progress tab”, so you can start a new batch.

During the preparation, you can track the progress per order using the “Preparation status”. Preparation status can take the following values :

  • New : order has just been added to the batch
  • Packed : order has been packed
  • Shipped : order is shipped (the carrier tracking number is stored in the shipment)

Operator & warehouses

At the top of the screen, you can change the current operator and the current warehouse.

  • Operator : each operator can prepare its own batch of orders. If you select orders for one operator (adding them into the in progress tab), those orders will not be visible for other operators. This way, several operators can work at the same time on different batches.
  • Warehouse : this is the warehouse from which you prepare orders. If you only use the order preparation extension, only the default warehouse is available. However, if you also use our Inventory management extension OR Embedded ERP, several warehouses will be available here. The orders visible for one warehouse depends of the routing rules in Inventory Management : you will then see only orders having at least one product to be dispatched from the current warehouse.

Order selection step

This first step (mandatory) is designed to select orders to be added in the batch.

Only opened orders are visible in this screen. Opened orders are orders not fully shipped neither cancelled.

To help you in this task, the opened orders are displayed in 4 tabs : * In stock : contains the orders for which products to ship are in stock. * Backorder : contains the orders for which products to ship are not in stock * Holded : contains the orders not to ship. * In progress : contains the orders being prepared (selected in the current batch).


The orders displayed in tabs depend of the configuration for the statuses (available in store > configuration > boostmyshop > order preparation > order statuses mapping).

If you also use Inventory Management extension, the distribution between tabs “in stock” and “backorders” also depends of the reservation status : an order having every products reserved will be displayed in the “in stock” tab. If an order contains one or more product NOT reserved, it is displayed in the backorder tab.

Every orders are displayed with the product details. Color codes are used to distinguish the product statuses :

  • Strikethrough : product is already shipped
  • Green : product is in stock (or reserved for this order)
  • Red : product is missing
  • Orange : product is partially reserved or partially in stock (for instance, you must ship 3, only 2 are in stock)
  • Grey and italic : product must be dispatched from another warehouse

From these tabs, you can select the orders to add to the current batch to dispatch them. To Achieve that goal, 2 options :

  • Tick the order checkboxes, and select mass action “Prepare”
  • Use the “Prepare” link in the “action” column

In both case, order is removed from the current tab and added to the “In progress” tab.

Note : If a product is NOT in stock, it will not be added to the batch and then you’ll process a partial shipment.


The picking step downloads a PDF with order details to assist you.

You can add a first global pick sheet at the beginning of the document (option must be enabled in stores > configuration > boostmyshop > order preparation).

The global picking sheet sumarrizes ALL the products you need to prepare orders in the batch. This is very convenient to pick all the products and pack them afterward.


After the global picking sheet, the PDF contains one page per order, summarizing order details :

  • Barcode : the barcode contains the order number, and will be used in the packing step.
  • Order details
  • Customer addresses
  • Products list


The packing applies on orders in the batch.

To pack an order, you can :

  • Scan the barcode on the picking list
  • Select the order with the drop down menu on the top left corner.

In both cases, the order details are displayed, with the products to pack.

For each products, you can scan the product barcode OR use the - / + button to update the quantity packed. Every time the quantity packed for one product changes, the status on the right changes.


Once every product are packed, you can confirm the packing using the commit packing button : the extension will create shipment and invoice (depending of the settings in stores > configuration > boostmyshop > order preparation) and display a confirmation screen.

From the confirmation screen, you can :

  • Download the packing slip PDF
  • Download the invoice PDF
  • Download the shipping label template file
  • Enter the tracking number and save it into the shipment : when the tracking number is saved, the customer is notified by email (using the regular magento shipment notification email)

Download PDF

Using this button, you download all invoices and packing slips for all orders in the batch.

Note : packing slip & invoices are downloaded only if they have been created !

Flush shipped orders

This button remove the shipped orders from the “in progress” tab, so you can start for a new batch.