4. How to use

In this section you will learn how to use Multiple Payment extension.

1. Use in Order Creation


First, you need to understand that this extension work only in the backoffice. There is no way to have it in the front.

Go on Sales > Orders and create a new order.

Choose/Create a customer, choose a store, and choose your product.

Fill up customer informations.

In payment method you will now see :


And if you choose Multiple payment, you will have :


Here you can add up to 4 payment records.

In this example we choosed Cash in #0, and we have set the customer give us 50USD.

In #1 we have choosen Check, and customer give us 50USD too.

Use the dropdown menu to choose which payment method you want to use and enter a value in the second field.

Under the field you can see the total with all methods.

You can process to checkout even if the customer has not paid the the entire bill.

2. Use in Order View

Now, let’s take a look at this order. Go to Sales > Orders and pick up the order that you have just placed.

In the window, you can see :


You know how the customer have paid (in Cash and Check)

You also know how much the customer owes you. (in this case 655$).

If your customer want to pay, in this order view, click on “Payment records”, you will have :


Let’s explain all view :

Payment Status  
Payment status Here you can see the status of the payment. The customer has not paid the entire sum yet, so it’s a partial status.
Total paid This is how much the customer has pai
Total due This is how much the customer owes you
Add payment  
Method Use the dropdown menu and select a payment method
Amount By default it’s the order total. But you can set how much the customer paid.
Date Enter the date when the customer has given you the money
Comments If you want, you can add a comment

Then, click on the “Save” button.

The last, payment records, displays the history of the payments with multiple information.

You can also delete a record just by clicking on “delete”.

3. Track pending payments

Now, let’s take a look at Report > Sales > Pending Payment

You will have this screen :


Here you can see all orders with balance, you got the order #, the total of the bill and the total paid by the customer.

Use the “view” link on the right to go within the order