6. FAQ

The program crashes on start up

Try to run the executable as administrator.

Unable to download file

Check file permissions in the exchange folder.

Root element is missing error

This means that the link between your Magento and the Magento Client Computer is broken.

To check if you have installed properly Magento Client Computer on your Magento server, visit System > Configuration > Admin > Magento Client Computer

If the MCC is properly installed on your magento, and the .exe file is running slowly either with a lag or a slow down, then you must use an HTACCESS that has not being configured in the .exe settings ( click on settings button) or your HTACCESS is too tough.

When I print a document from magento, nothing happens

First, check that magento client computer is started.

Also, check that the user set in the Magento Client Computer program settings is the same than the one you are using on magento.

File not found error e Magento Client Customer window

It means that the path for Foxit reader set in the pref.xml is wrong.

Follow the step 2. Installation > 2. install for your computer

Everything looks ok, however, nothing prints

If you set a printer name in the command line, please check the spelling.

How can I set several users on the same computer ?

Let’s take an example, you want to set MCC for 2 users so:

On your computer you must use TWICE MagentoClientComputer, one for user01 the second for user02.

To do this, on you tablet windows just copy past the folder MagentoClientComputerForWindows which you use for user01 into another location (you can also rename it into /MagentoClientComputerForWindows02.)

Then open the MagentoClientComputer.exe of the new folder, click on settings button and set the login user02 + password to be able to use user02 settings.

Finally when user01 works, he will login on magento with his settings, he will also lunch MagentoClientComputer.exe WITH his own settings.

Then he will logout close the .exe, user02 will log into etc.. (do the same) BUT launch MCC.exe from the other location.

How to use MCC with SSl enabled on magento ?

MCC can use SSL if your certificate is updated and validated.

Magento Client Computer must have been refusing to connect via SSL because of the SSL certification.

So fix your SSL certificate, most of time the domain in the URL didn’t match what was on the certificate

“There are multiple root elements line 2 position… ” error

This error can be fixed by adding the following line to the “Pagespeed” conf file on the server:

ModPagespeedDisallow “ClientComputer

Or you can try to disable the Pagespeed google extension on the server