3. Configuration

1. Module configuration

Extension configuration can be done in

See also

System > Configuration > Advanced > Client Computer


Here, set the password (it could be anything, type whatever you want but remember it as you will need it each time you want to configure that extension ), and ensure that the path for ExchangeDirectory is green (it means that the path is writable)

The password is the one you’ll have to put in the windows Magento software.

The webservice url is the url to set in the windows magento software to allow communication between Magento & the windows program.

2. Computer configuration

Run the MagentoClientComputer.exe as administrator, then click on the button “settings”.

Now fill those fields as described below.

Should you have any problem filling that form, please contact our support team via your BoostMyShop account.

Setting Description
Magento url Copy / paste the url given in the module configuration in your back office, named “webservice URL”
Password Type the password given in the module configuration in your back office
Magento user Type the EXACT login which you use for logged into magento back office. Beware its case sensitive (Admin is equal to admin)
Htaccess loggin Type you htaccess login if you have one.
Htaccess password Type you htaccess password if you have one.
Print command The path for the print command, see explanation