99. Technical resources

Command lines

Inventory management extension comes with a few command lines.

They can be executed in console mode using php bin/magento cmd, where “cmd” is replaced with one of the available commands :

Stock Discrepencies

php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:check_stock_discrepencies

Runs a report to check possible stock errors, available from Stores > Configuration > Boostmyshop > Advanced inventory > Stock discrepencies.


You can also complete this command line adding the --fix option, to try to fix all errors found :

php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:check_stock_discrepencies --fix

Fix Reservation

php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:fix_reservation

Check if there are some reservation problems (products over/under reserved).

Refresh Qty To Ship

php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:refresh_quantity_to_ship

Update products “quantity to ship” for all warehouses.

Refresh Sellable Qty

php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:refresh_sellable_quantity

Update products “Sellable quantity” in Magento, based on the quantity available in the different warehouses.

Refresh Sales History

php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:refresh_sales_history

Refresh products “Sales History” statistics.


Statistics are NOT updated automatically by default, you have to create a cron task to automate this update.