98. FAQ

1. Incompatibility with Magento version 2.3.x

ERP is compatible with Magento version 2.3.0 since its version 1.3.4.

If you’ve got a lower version, please update it to the last one available.

Also, Magento released their own inventory management system through version 2.3.0.

This system called ‘MSI’ is not compatible with our ERP stock management system.

That means if you want to make ERP work on version 2.3.0, you will have to disable all modules part of the MSI system.

You can find a way to disable them all through CLI command lines in the Magento developer documentation, please check the following link : Disable Inventory Management

2. Some tabs disappeared in ERP products view and orders view


This has been fixed in ERP, since version 1.4.2.

Due to a know bug of the new versions of Magento 2, some tabs added by ERP will not be visible anymore after a Magento upgrade.

The solution to solve it is the following :

  • Open the file : /vendor/magento/module-backend/Block/Widget/Tabs.php

  • Change the following line (should be around line 302, in function applyTabsCorrectOrder) :

    $positionFactor = 1;
  • By this one :

    $positionFactor += 1;

3. Unable to access product ERP view

If you’re unable to access Advanced stock view, please check the following points :

  • Have you got the full ERP package installed, or only Inventory management extension ?

    In fact, the way to access Advanced stock view is a little bit different depending of that.

    Please read : Advanced stock view access

  • Is the extension correctly installed and enabled ?

    To check it, please run the following command line :

    php bin/magento module:status BoostMyShop_AdvancedStock

    If the Advanced stock extension is shown as disabled, you can enable it using :

    php bin/magento module:enable BoostMyShop_AdvancedStock

4. Stock settings per website - Index missing

It can happen, after a first installation, warehouse(s) or website(s) modification, that you get an “Index missing” error in the “Stock settings per website / Available stock per website” section :


To correct it, please run the following command lines via SSH, from your Magento root path :

php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:flush_stock_index
php bin/magento indexer:reindex

This should reindex all products and correct that kind of errors.

5. ‘On hand’ qty field is not decreased after a shipment

You shipped your order and when you check the product from from the magento product view in the Advanced stock section you note that the ‘Quantity’ has not been decreased correctly and the stock movement for the related shipment not created ?

You can find theese informations in each ERP product view looking at the ‘On Hand’ column value, and also in the Stock movements tab.

In most of the case this problem occurs because the option “Manage stock” is set to “No” on your(s) product(s). Products must manage stock under ERP stock management system to make it work correctly.

To check if your product(s) manage stock :

  • Check your settings in Stores > configuration > Catalog > Inventory > Product Stock Options > Manage Stock.
  • Check your product settings individually : Catalog > Products > Quantity : link 'Advanced Inventory' > Manage Stock.

6. Configurable product configurations not appearing in some ERP views

Some configurable product configurations may not be displayed in some ERP view (as example the Mass Stock Editor, “Add products” tab of purchase orders…).

This is due to the fact they’ve been created as “Virtual” products, and most of ERP grids only display “Simple” ones.

In fact, if you use the Magento 2 wizard to create configurations for your configurable products :


Once all wizard steps are completed and so configurations have been created, you should see a summary grid of these configurations :


As you can see, there’s a weight column in this grid, allowing you to set weight for each of these configurations.

The thing to know is that Magento 2 will create all configurations not having weight as Virtual products.

To switch their type to “Simple” products, you just need to set a weight for each of them,as that’s the way Magento 2 differenciate simple and virtual products.

Once weight have been set for these configurations, they’ll be set as Simple products, and so well displayed & managed in all ERP screens.

7. Stock movement not created for simple products through a bundle product after a shipment

If stock movement are not created from simple products into a bundle product when this one is shipped. This occurs when the bundle product has the option ‘Ship Bundle Items’ in the ‘Bundle Items’ section set to ‘Together’.

If the version of your AdvancedStock module is older than v-1.1.15, you can simply update the module to the last version where a fix has been included.


You can check the current module version by editing file app\code\BoostMyShop\AdvancedStock\composer.json

To get the last version of the module, log in to your BoostMyShop account, then go to section My Downloads > ERP Inventory

To process an upgrade of the module, please take a look at the Upgrade documentation.

8. Backorders bulk update process

Magento provides a native solution to bulk update the backorder setting from the Catalog > Products grid.

To do it, simply select products to update from the grid, then use the “Update attributes” mass action :


A new screen will be displayed, where you will be able to update any attribute for all products previously selected.

To find the backorders setting, go then to the “Advanced Inventory” tab.


At the top-right corner is located a “Store View” drop-down menu.

If you don’t change the default option selected (All Store Views), the backorders will only be updated for website “Admin”.

If you want to change the backorders setting for a specific website, please select it from the “Store View” drop-down menu before following next steps.

More informations : Product view - Stock settings per website

To update the backorders setting, please uncheck Use Config settings and check Change located just under it.

Then, select a new backorder setting using the drop-down list.

Once done, click on Save to apply changes to the selected product(s).

9. Stock take scanned items not considered

It can happens that some products you added to a Stock take using the “Scan” function are then not correctly considered, like they disappeared between the “Scan” screen and the Stock take “Scanned products” list.

The reason is probably some PHP settings not being enough increased to allow data of all scanned products to be correctly transferred between the “Scan” screen and the database.

If you’ve got this problem, you will then need to increase these settings in your php.ini file (please ask a developper to process such operation).

Here are the values we recommend :

  • post_max_size = 128M
  • max_input_vars = 50000
  • upload_max_filesize = 128M

10. Unexplained stock movement(s) “Quantity changed event”

This kind of stock movement is created by the Stock discrepancies tool when a product available quantity is not matching the sum of the available qty of all its warehouse available for sales (see Warehouses routing for more explainations about warehouses available for sales).

It usually happens when the product quantity is changed directly from the Magento product page, instead of by creating a stock movement or doing it from any ERP screen.


This occurs only is you have defined as “Primary” one of your warehouses.

More information : Warehouses configuration

As a reminder, when ERP is installed, product stock quantity should not be updated anymore from the “Qty” field available from each “Magento product view.