7. Product view

Inventory management extension adds a few new functions to the products stock management, available from product pages.

How to access Advanced Stock view

Depending on whether it has been installed as it or with the full ERP package, the way to access these functions will be a little bit different :

  • If you have only installed Inventory extension as it, a new section will appear in product pages, called “Advanced Stock” :

  • If you have the full ERP package installed, a new link will appear in the product page header, called “Switch to ERP View” :


Advanced Stock view sections

Once you have reached the Advanced stock view, you’ll find some sections related to Advanced Stock functionalities.

Here are descriptions of all available sections :

Section name (ERP full package / Inventory Management extension only) Description
Stock settings per website / Available stock per website Quantity sellable for each website, being the sum of each warehouse available qty.
Warehouses / Warehouses Summary of stock levels in the different warehouses. More information in the “Concepts” section.
Orders to ship (tab) / Pending orders Current opened orders for the product. You can also see from which warehouse orders will be dispatched from there.
New stock movement / Create a new stock movement Stock movement creation interface. More information in the “Concepts” section.
Stock movements (tab) / Stock movements History of each stock movement done for the current product