6. Stock Helper

The stock helper is designed to help you to optimize your stock levels and update the warning & ideal stock levels.


please read the “concepts” section to understand the warning & ideal stock levels

The stock helper displayes the following columns :

  • sku / product : product information. There can be several rows for the same product if it is associated to several warehouses
  • warehouse : the warehouse
  • qty in warehouse : the physical quantity in the warehouse
  • available quantity : the quantity available for sales, it is equal to the physical quantity minus the quantity to ship for sales order
  • Shipped for last XX weeks : this is the quantity of the product shipped for the last X weeks. You can configure the week ranges to use in store > configuration > boostmyshop > inventory management > sales history. The statistics are not automatically updated, a command line is available to do it (you can crontab it if you want to update statistics every days) :
php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:refresh_sales_history
  • warning stock level / ideal stock level : the warning & ideal stock level for the product. By default it will use the default values (configurable in store > configuration > boostmyshop > inventory management). You can apply a custom value for one product unticking the checkbox and filling a custom value
  • Qty to order : this is the quantity you have to order to vendor to ship pending sales order AND reach the ideal stock levels.


You can export the stock helper data using the “export” button above the grid.