4. Configuration

Magento Configuration

The inventory management extension does not change the way magento handles inventory, but here are a few points / thoughts :

  • You can still use options available in store > configuration > catalog > inventory, they are all compatible with our extension
  • You can not have negative quantities anymore in Magento, as it now contains the quantity sellable, so in the worst case (for products not in stock allowing back orders), the magento quantity will be 0

Inventory management configuration

Inventory Management settings are available from menu Stores > Configuration > Boostmyshop > Inventory Management.


Option Description
Disable logs Record logs in Inventory Management extension
Log stock movement stacktrace Keep a stacktrace of each stock movement. Useful for debug if you have unexplained stock movements.


Option Description
Barcode attribute Select there the product attribute containing its barcode (EAN or UPC type)
Manufacturer attribute Select there your manufacturer attribute

Pending Orders

Option Description
Pending orders statuses Select all order statuses that you consider as “opened orders” : these orders will reserve stock (if available) and so update the quantity to ship


If you change selected statuses, you’ll need to run the following command line to update correctly quantities to ship :

php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:refresh_quantity_to_ship

Stock levels

Option Description
Default value for Warning stock level Default “Warning stock level” value for products not having a custom one
Default value for Ideal stock level Default “Ideal stock level” value for products not having a custom one
Weeks for sales history range #X Number of week(s) to consider for Sales history update

Front end

Option Description
Display stocks If enabled, a new “Stock” tab will be added to each product page on your website frontend, with the warehouses stock levels summary displayed in it


Only stock from warehouses having “Display on front” option enabled will be displayed. More information on the warehouse option “Display on front” : Warehouses Settings

Stock Discrepencies

Option Description
Stock discrepency report Display the “Stock discrepencies” report. It will show a report listing all Inventory errors, with a “Fix” button allowing to fix them