3. How to use

1. Affected the order to an existing customer

Choose an order where the customer in a « guest », rendez vous in the order page « sales» , « order »

Notice : you can make an order via your web shop as a « guest » customer with your self email, this address doesn’t be the same as an existing email in your customer registered account.

Once the « guest » order selected, click on the tab « Change Customer »


You will see all customer registered records, to affect the order to the existing customer click on the link « select ».

A confirmation message will inform you that the order has been linked to the registered customer.

The invoice address and shipping address related to the order (comming from guest account) are still the same, like registered customer.

2. How to create registered customer account from an email

When a customer checkout an order in your web shop and he want to access to their customer account (for making quote request for exemple) you must offer him by the commercial way that you want.

To make it, just give him the following URL and the order number related to their purchase :


the customer wil see this form page:


Here the user must fill his first name, last name, email adresse, his password to access to their account and the order number.

In case of wrong order number for exemple the customer has inserted a white space at the end of the order number or the commercial guys didn’t give the correct : a message will notice the user that the order number are wrong.