3. Configuration

All settings are available using menu


If you get an error message (access denied), you need to logout and login to Magento Admin panel to reset permission.


Field Value
Theme Directory name to use for xml templates (for more information, please read “Customize PDF” section)
company name Set the name of your company it will be dispalyed in the PDF
Logo Picture to display in PDF headers (use jpg or png format)
Store Address Your postal address (displayed on invoices, shipments and credit memo
Legal information Text displayed in PDF footer
Debug mode If enabled, display every PDF item areas for purpose
Enable cache Improve product PDF generation time
Convert gif to jpeg if set to yes it will convert the giff extension image into jpeg to make the PDF image compatible
Use magento font Set to yes, if you want to use Magento font instead of global pdf font ( helvetica )




Check FAQ section for more informations about “Available date parameters”.

Field Value
Short format Define the date format for the short printing mode
Medium format Set the date format for the medium printing mode
Long format Define the date format for the long printing mode