4. FAQ

Frequently asked question on magento extension conflict

1. Too many conflicts

You get the message “Sorry there are too many conflict : (“If there is more that 2 class in conflict, Magento extension conflict will fail provide you a simple solution

How to solve that ?

Let say you have a conflict between 3 class A, B and C All of them extends the same Magento class we call here “MageClass”

Step 1

go in each class code file and do class A extends B {...}class B extends C {...}class C extends MageClass {...}

Step 2

In each config.xml You keep the rewrite Class A on MageClass You delete the rewrite Class B You delete the rewrite Class C

2. Many conflicts are on the same classes

You refresh the extension conflict list and you get many conflict like


(the class are the sames)

It because you rename some folder in** app/code/community** or app/code/local

ex :

you have




Please deleted from app/code/community and app/code/local all NON used folder

3. Too many conflicts with ERP

Specials Case

1- If you encounter problem in the grid sales orders.

In this case class MDN must extends all other class, to follow the logic go in the 4.FAQ >1.Too many conflicts.

4. I cannot see the solution

If you cannot see the solution you have probably a conflict with two extensions which overwrite class Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Notification_Window

To solve this issue you have to follow the example below :

Rewrite classes > class A, class B


1. Remove rewrite declaration :

  • Edit file class A /etc/config.xml
  • Remove code : class A

2. Change class declaration

  • Edit file class B/Block/Adminhtml/Notification/Window.php
  • Replace class declaration “class A extends Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Notification_Window” with “class B extends class A”

3. Refresh Magento Cache