3. How to use

1. Conflicts List

The main screen is available under menu

See also

System > Extension conflict

After installation and all extension installation, you must click on the Refresh button

If the whole page is slow to load, that means you :

  • either you forgot or did not refresh properly, please try again
  • or in between, you installed some new extension and forgot to press the “Refresh” button again

for example :


The main screen display every extensions rewrites.

Since Extension Conflict version 2.0 you have possibility to backup conflicts found before to solve them.

Also since version 2.0, several helpful tabs have been added ( Extension List, Backups, Compare and VitualModule)

If 2 extensions rewrite the same Magento core class, a conflict is detected : then, a “Display fix” link is displayed in the last column showing fix instructions.



Important notice : this is only a suggestion and may not work in every cases.

2. Extensions List

You have possibility to see extensions installed on your magento and Disable / Enable them by going to the Extension List tab, it is helpful with you have to check the behavior of an extension or if a problem come from an extension recently installed.


3. Backup

To backup a conflict you have to click on the link ‘Backup’ from the tab Conflicts List.

The Backup tab part showing you all backuped conflicts.


4. Comparer

This part allow you to see if an installed module has been modified, it is very helpful if you have to make an upgrade of an extension.

To make comparer works, you have to :

  • Upload the original module in /var/extension/ of your Magento root folder.
  • The content of this folder should be after the upload like /var/extension/app/code/...
  • Then click on the compare button and check the result
  • Make sure to make a backup of the modified files you found
  • Then once your compare is finish you can delete what you have uploaded in in /var/extension/, using the “Reset Folder” button.

5. Virtual Module

You can check in this part before to install a module if it may cause a conflict with an other extensions installed in your Magento.

First you have to upload the config.xml of the extension you want in the VirtualModule tab :


Second, you will be redirected on the Conflict Extension tab where the list has been refreshed and where you should see the new conflict if detected :