4. Troubleshooting


Keep in mind that the logs (Options => Logs) can help a lot to know what’s going on.

The application keep loading data but nothing appear

This issue can be caused by :

  • A bad WSDL configuration : Check the URL and username / password and retry.
  • A bad network. Check your network connection and retry. You may check your notifications too.
  • You have checked “Use Wifi Only” in the options, and you are currently on the mobile network.
  • The server is having latency issues, or is not accessible. Open a Web browser and try to reach the WSDL url.

Data on screen are not exactly synchronized with Erp. Some are missing...

It can happen when your local database is filled with old values. Simply press the refresh button and you will be synchronized again.

There is a BoostMyShop icon instead of the product picture

It means the picture related to the product is missing, or the device couldn’t write cache files.

ErpDroid will first look if there is any external storage such as SDCard that are accessible, otherwise it will use internal storage. Try to unplug/replug your SDCard if you have one, or check your device memory

I can’t print from the app

The print works only with MCC (Magento Client Computer), report to its documentation to configure it on your computer.