2. Installation - Configuration

2.1. Prerequisites

Notice : Before going further into installation, check that you meet the following requirements :

  • Magento CE version or higher
  • Embedded ERP version or higher.

If you ERP version is below and don’t want to update, you can ask BoostMyShop for a patch that will allow your version to be compatible.

Erp Api

Erp Droid communicates with ERP via Web Services. It needs some additional methods to run properly. Follow the steps below :


  • Enable WebService Caches (System > Cache Management)
  • Enable WSDL Cache (System > Configuration > Magento Core API > General Settings)
  • Disable any other server cache (memcache, apccache, ...)
  • Disable Magento compilation (System > Tool > Compilation)


  • Unzip the archive “ERP_DROID_x.x.zip” to a local folder
  • Open the folder “ERP_Api_For_Magento_x.x” then upload the app folder on your remote FTP at root location (same level as “app” folder)

Now, refresh your Magento cache and you are done. Run http://(www.)yourserver.com/index.php/api/v2_soap/?wsdl=1 in a web browser and look for erpapigetErpApiVersion. The installation is OK if you find it.

See also

System > Configuration > Magento Core API > General Settings

and look for “Enable WSDL Cache”. Set this to yes and you’ll see some API performance improvement.

Also, make sure to disable the “WSI-Compliance”


You will need to create a Soap user and give him full access. That user will be the one used by the application. Follow the steps below :

Create a WebService Role

  • Go to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML - RPC Roles
  • Click on Add New Role and give it a name
  • Go in Role Resources tab and select “All” in “resource access”
  • Don’t forget to Save the Role

Create a WebService User

  • Go to System > Web Services > SOAP/XML - RPC Users
  • Click on Add New User and fill all the fields
  • API Key is the SOAP user’s password, fill with the value of your choice
  • Go in User Role tab and select the role you just created
  • Don’t forget to Save the User

You are now ready to install the application

2.2. Installation

Since Erp Droid is not on the Google Play yet, you will have to follow the steps below :


  • A device running at least Android 3.0. (To check your Android version : Settings => About phone)
  • Developer mode activated on the device (Please refer to your device documentation)
  • A USB cable to plug your device to a computer


  • Plug your device to your computer (for more information about how to install the drivers, please refer to your device documentation)
  • Put the APK file in the “Download” folder of your device
  • Download and install the application “Apk Manager” from “Magma Mobile Apps” on your device via Google Play, or any other APK Manager
  • Run Apk Manager and look for the APK file you just uploaded
  • Click on it and install it

Erp Droid is now installed.

2.3. Configuration

You need to link ErpDroid with your ERP Server. When you first launch the application, a popup will appear and lead you to the options. Follow the steps below :


Don’t write ”?wsdl=1” at the end of the URL

  • Enter the username and password from the Soap User you have created in ERP
  • If your WSDL is protected by htaccess, don’t forget to also set a username and password. Otherwise, leave the field empty
  • Click on Warehouse and select a warehouse (if no warehouses are displayed, the previous steps are probably having troubles)
  • Click on Operator to select an operator

ErpDroid is now configured and ready to use.