2. Installation


To install correctly ERP on your Magento 2, here are the steps to follow :

  1. Download the extension (provided in a ZIP archive) from your BoostMyShop account, “My Downloads” section.
  2. Unzip the archive, then upload extracted files to your server.


If files upload have been done correctly, a module folder should be visible in directory app/code/BoostMyShop/.

  1. Connect to your server via SSH, and run the following command lines :
php bin/magento module:enable BoostMyShop_AdvancedStock
php bin/magento module:enable BoostMyShop_OrderPreparation
php bin/magento module:enable BoostMyShop_Supplier
php bin/magento module:enable BoostMyShop_AvailabilityStatus
php bin/magento module:enable BoostMyShop_UltimateReport
php bin/magento module:enable BoostMyShop_Organizer
php bin/magento module:enable BoostMyShop_Margin
php bin/magento module:enable BoostMyShop_Erp
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:di:compile
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:flush_stock_index
php bin/magento indexer:reindex
php bin/magento cache:flush
  1. Then, run these additional commands to update your database :
php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:refresh_quantity_to_ship
php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:refresh_sales_history
php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:refresh_sellable_quantity
php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:check_stock_discrepencies --fix


You can also run the check_stock_discrepencies command line from Magento > Stores > Settings > Configuration > Boostmyshop > Inventory Management > Stock Discrepencies > [click on the "Display" button].

  • Click on the “Update report” button will list all errors found by ERP.
  • Once you get the errors list, click on the ‘Fix errors’ button.
  • Click again on the “Update report” button to check if all errors have been solved.
  • In case some errors persist, you can try to click on ‘Fix errors’ again, several times.

Once everything is done, go back in Magento, go in System > Web setup wizard, then click on the Component Manager button : You should see the new extension displayed there.


The upgrade process is exactly the same as the installation process.


Disable ERP

To disable an extension, go in System > Web setup wizard, then click on the Component Manager button. Find the extension you want to disable and select Disable from the “Actions” column.

Reset ERP Data

In order to reset all ERP data, please run these SQL commands in your database.


Following this script execution, all product stocks will be reset to 0.

UPDATE cataloginventory_stock_item SET qty = 0;

-- Clean ERP tables

TRUNCATE bms_advancedstock_extended_sales_flat_order_item;
TRUNCATE bms_advancedstock_routing_store;
TRUNCATE bms_advancedstock_routing_store_warehouse;
TRUNCATE bms_advancedstock_sales_history;
TRUNCATE bms_advancedstock_stock_movement;
TRUNCATE bms_advancedstock_transfer;
TRUNCATE bms_advancedstock_transfer_item;
TRUNCATE bms_advancedstock_warehouse;
TRUNCATE bms_advancedstock_warehouse_item;

TRUNCATE bms_orderpreparation_carrier_template;
TRUNCATE bms_orderpreparation_inprogress;
TRUNCATE bms_orderpreparation_inprogress_item;

TRUNCATE bms_supplier;
TRUNCATE bms_supplier_product;

TRUNCATE bms_purchase_order;
TRUNCATE bms_purchase_order_product;
TRUNCATE bms_purchase_order_reception;
TRUNCATE bms_purchase_order_reception_item;

-- Clean DropShipping tables

TRUNCATE bms_dropship_log;
TRUNCATE bms_supplier_stock_import;
TRUNCATE bms_supplier_stock_import_details;

Once all the SQL requests have been run, please run the following command lines via SSH :

php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:refresh_sellable_quantity
php bin/magento bms_advancedstock:check_stock_discrepencies --fix