1. Introduction

Introduction :

Enhanced Product Availability is a Magento extension used to print text and image for the product availability.

By default Magento manage the “in stock” / “out of stock” text when the product is sealable or not.

Our extension allow you to customize the product availability by adding a custom text, image, and even add the quantity left as information!

Main feature :

  • Compatible with Magento : 1.7.X.X , 1.8.X.X
  • Configuration available in magento admin panel
  • Ability to separate each store view to customize the text / image by store and website too
  • Four stock range available (empty, critical, warning, optimum) to manage product’s stock status
  • show the product’s stock availability in fronted for simple and configurable products

Current version :

  • 1.0.0

Magento compatibility :

Magento version Current Package Name
1.5 to 1.9 default

 * From manegto 1.9 CE, a new package template named “rwd” appear. Our extension work with “default” template.

 * If you use a custom template package you must deal with your web disigner or ask boostmyshop team via the support

Overview :