9. Organizer

1. Overview

Organizer is a task / note manager which allow to associate comments to magento objects :

  • Products
  • Suppliers
  • Sales Order
  • Customer
  • Purchase Order

When an organizer is associated to a Magento object, a “light” image is displayed in the grid : you can get more information about the note moving your mouse over the light image :


2. Organizer management

To consult organizers, go within the object sheet (for example product sheet) and select “Organizer” tab :


From this tab, you can :

  • Add a new task : click on “Show / Hide new task”, fill fields and click on the save button
  • Edit task : click on the “Show / hide” link in the last column ; edit fields and click on “save button”
  • Delete a task : edit organizer and then click on the “delete” button

3. Organiser information

Field Description
Entity Object linked to the organizer (product, sales order, supplier...). You can view object clicking on this link.
Author Task creator (magento user)
Target Target user for this organizer. This field can be empty. You can also automatically send an email to the target ticking “Notify” checkbox
Notification date Date to remind author
Dead line Dead line for this task. If task is not complete at this date, it will be displayed as “late task”
Origin For next releases
Category For next releases
Priority 1 = optional, 5 = very important
Complete Tick this checkbox once task is complete
Caption Task caption
Description Task description

4. Notification

You can notify task’s target using “Notify target” button : it will send an email to the target.

5. Dashboard

To list and track your tasks, select menu ERP > Organizer > Dashboard

  • Late task : tasks not completed having dead line past
  • Notifications : tasks with notification date set to today
  • My tasks : all tasks where you are author or target