1. Overview

1. Main features

Customer orders

  • Product availability dynamic display, also available for configurable products ( availability displayed as per selection)
  • Estimate delivery dates display( Chatel law ) depending on stock status, current pending supply orders with their estimate delivery dates
  • Real time order progress follow up and delivery date estimation
  • Automatic product booking for new orders if stock is available

Supply needs

  • Supply needs list is update online and in real time as per your stock status, with customers pending orders, minimum stock product alerts and pending suppliers orders
  • A delivery deadline is associated to each supply need for a better purchasing management
  • Most used/interesting suppliers display
  • Easy and fast supplier order creation
  • Supply needs validation when supplier order is placed

Stock Management

  • Dedicated new product sheet for stock and purchasing management
  • Multi stock, multi warehouse management
  • Pending orders, booked orders and stock status display
  • Product movement records display ( records of stock ingoing and outgoing products depending on customers orders, suppliers order and return material)
  • Customer’s pending orders display (awaiting for a product)
  • Supplier pending order display
  • Pricing tool ( as per buying prices, margin …)
  • Associated suppliers management, you can compare easily each suppliers pricing
  • Default supply needs timing management, estimate date further supply date

Purchase order

  • Suppliers orders creation based on supply needs
  • Automatic product pricing capture as per records
  • Direct supplier PDF order form e-mailing option
  • Supply needs date forecast , supply needs updates, estimation of pending order dispatch dates management
  • Absorption costing calculation as per transport costs and others taxes costs
  • Several taxes rates management
  • Order progress follow up per status
  • Delivery management, stock automatic update, product booking for pending orders, stock movement creation

Order preparation

  • Check in real time orders that can be dispatched and pending orders awaiting stock consolidation
  • Select orders that can be processed during the day, partial shipment possible
  • Mass invoices, delivery notes, and customer notify creation
  • Picking list printing ( printing of a document showing all the products required to prepare orders )
  • Export of orders towards forwarders software’s( TNT, Colissimo ) to print labels
  • Tracking numbers import from forwarders software’s
  • Automatic calculation of chargeable weights ( several calculation methods available )


  • Margins display par customer order and product
  • Multi languages and multi site management
  • Compatible with invoices, delivery notes and emails print rewrite feature
  • Manufacturer data base management
  • Contacts data base management ( for suppliers or manufacturers )

2. General operating

In this part, we will show you the extension’s global operating and its philosophy.


A : Customer order

Available stock Products for this order are automatically booked.

In case of any missing products, they are automatically added to supply needs list

B : Supply needs

Supply need list is filled based on non available products for orders and by minimum stock alerts

Supply need list is updated in real time

Each need ( product required ) is associated with a deadline depending on estimated delivery dates in order to manage effectively buying and manage priorities

C : Purchase orders

You can place a supplier order depending on your supply needs ( by making a filter on the suppler for example) or simply by selecting required products

You can type ( or not ) buying price and forward direct your order by email (with attached PDF file) to your supplier

When a order is pending, corresponding supply needs are highlighted in green, estimated delivery dates are updated ( customer can only if you activate the option check online in real time this updated estimate delivery date)

D : Supplier order arrival

Deliveries allow you to update automatically stock

Arrived available products automatically update customer’s pending orders (they can be now dispatched or not)

Supply needs are automatically updated

Real buying costs are generated ( gross price + absorptions costs), product and supplier are linked showing last price and buying date for this supplier

E : Order dispatch

Check the list of orders ready for dispatch and orders with still missing products

Select the orders to be processed for the day ( full or partial shipment ) depending their supply needs status, payment status…etc

Print your ” picking list ” ( list of products required to prepare orders)

Mass creation of invoices and delivery note with a simple click

System generates automatically chargeable weigh of the boxes (several methods available with also the possibility of putting your own parameters )

Export orders list towards forwarder’s software and print your label

Import in Magento shipments tracking numbers from your forwarder’s software

Mass notification of customer to advise their shipment dispatch and the option of goods follow up directly online

3. Solution advantages

Purchasing, stock and logistics management extensions aimed at offering the same functions as an ERP with a easy and perfect integration in Magento.

Our extensions are for owners of E-commerce sites running Magento, and willing to integrate into Magento a stock, purchasing and logistics management. That is,  without being obliged to use a costly and unadapted ERP as external ERP are very expensive and also cost a lot of time.

Therefore you will be able to get the following benefits:

  • Perfect integration in Magento’s back office : You can access all administrative functions of your website within the same interface
  • Easy updates without streaming issues between your ERP and your e-commerce site: Magento and our extensions use the same database: you will make sure that all data is always updated.
  • Roll-out saving : It will be an internet solution without deployment issue with users. All your data and functions will be available wherever you are
  • Reduce your formation costs : New systems with new interfaces will not be required
  • Personalization: Our customer’s diversity enable use to install advanced parameters to match your company’s procedures. Our extensions also supports “Magento surcharge” which will enable you to create your own plugins that can increase or modify your extensions functions.
  • Evolution : Our extensions are all the time being updated, with Magento’s update, for specific bugs or new functions